• Hi I am applying to graduate school and need heavy references to write my rec letter. (If you think you can help please let me know!). I am apply to the Clinical Psychology program at the school I am applying to, and I am only reaching out for help via tarot because last semester was my worst semester ever my GPA went from a 3.5 to a I-Dont-Want-to-say and I was told that my personal statement would take care of that by explaining mt various situations. But basically seeing as though this is an astrology site with many spiritual beings I assume most of you have careers in the psychological field and could be GREAT references for my application. Please let me know if you can help. ^.^!!!

  • I think references have to be from people who actually know you from personal or professional experience. I doubt anyone checking your references would put much credence in astrologers or psychics who have never met you or who understand your particular situation from witnessing it. It might even throw your credibility into doubt. You should ask businessmen/women and reputable people in your own community.

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