Romance in the New Year - A reading would be so appreciated

  • Hi everyone 🙂 I'm a long time reader of the forums, but only lately a poster.

    I'm really interested in Tarot and have tried a few readings myself but am not confident in my interpretations of my cards - I think it's because I'm too connected to the situation and will try and apply them to my desires!

    My partner (fiancee) and I split just after Christmas for no other reason than his mother telling him to, and providing with an ultimatum - he desparately wishes things could be different but for now she has a stranglehold on him thanks to family inheritence etc. She was very fond of me, however became jealous and spiteful to the point of forcing her son to leave me.

    I am now hoping that the cards may show the outcome for this situation for me - I had a reading the other night which indicated that I am currently in deep thought (true), that I will soon be contacted from a far away friend and that a huge relationship offer (Ace or 1 of cups from memory) is coming my way - whether this is a new relationship, or a new perspective on an old relationship. I was also told I would be saving this year (my partner and I were saving for an apartment of our own). The lady then went on to tell me I would be shedding someone over bearing who was throwing their weight around (I was hoping sociopath MIL?) in the early part of this year, then got death for the middle of the year, and lovers for the end.

    I'm hoping that one of you many talented users may also be able to give me a quick spread that is more specific to my relationship - I had just a general reading this week which could be interpreted in many ways

    love and light


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