Help with career & love guidance, Please?

  • Hi there, I feel as if I've been stuck in a rut at work. I am desperate to transfer or find another opportunity, but feel as if my options are slim. Is there any future potential of me transferring into a better paid position?

    As for love, I feel like I've made a good connection with someone recently and I haven't heard from him. I'm just looking for some guidance and answers if anyone can help please?

    Thank you!!

  • What sort of work are you currently doing?

  • I am currently working the garment industry in California

  • hello, I have just signed in - Im very troubled and an asking to prayers and guidance as my ex-husband won't let me see my 12 year old son he has turned him against me because I left him after a violent marriage, I have been to court to get him back and my ex-husband told my son to say he wants to live with him. He won't let my daughter see her brother we have no contact and no one is helping because they say 'It's my son's decision to live with his father'..........I have a last court hearing to attend PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT THiNGS GO IN MY FAVOUR AND i can have agreed contact with my son.............I feel I have done everything to fight to get him back, but nothing is going right for me...

  • Twinklelibra, I know you are new so I'll just explain what's what. This is Wowweee's personal thread. If you want your own answer, just start a new thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of the page and someone will answer you there ASAP.

  • Wowweee, what would you rather be working at? What is your passion?

  • Oh OK Twinklelibra, I see you already have your own thread. I will answer you there.

  • I am working the industry that I want to. I've tried several times to transfer to another position, but it didn't work out. I would really like to work in product development. I've followed up but they still have not granted me an interview and they haven't hired anyone either. I'm just wondering what my options are now and what (of if there are any) next steps to try and get this position..

  • Wowweee, show your enthusiasm and determination by dropping into the product department and asking if you could get some work experience there - after work and for free, of course! You can only try and someone might be impressed by your go-getting style.

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