Humanity is evolving

  • a message from Kryon channeled by David Brown

    Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

    It’s wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night, for there is much love and much change in the air.

    You are on a journey to return to your essence, and the essence of a human being is love. You’re here to fall in love with yourselves and the universe is moving into a place where you can fall in love with yourselves again, where the love can flow, an endless flow of love where men and women can love each other again, where men can love men, and women can love women. There are many, many changes coming. The old world is beginning to dissolve, and this will happen much more quickly now. For those of you that do a lot of inner work you will be beginning to feel a difference, you will feel the shift happening to you and you will be beginning to get those feelings of freedom, freedom and love.

    Your entire energy field will become more and more in integrity with yourself, and you will become more soft, more gentle and more receptive to the universe. Your fears, your anger and your sadness will be releasing. These old energies will be a thing of the past. The new world is indeed a very special place and the earth plane is changing in vibration. There are some on your planet that want the status quo, and the masses have no idea of what’s going on; but slowly and surely the masses will begin to awaken from their deep, deep slumber and many things will begin to change. You are all stepping into a new world and the ones who listen to, and read, these channelings will be the ones that are going through into the new world, either in the first or the second wave.

    You will find your hearts beginning to love, and you will be begin to feel yourselves connected to the universe. You’ll have less and less worries, and you’ll know that any challenge that comes your way, you’ll handle with ease. You’ll accept it for what it is, just another lesson along the way, something that’s there to bring you to wholeness and completion. The spirit world is deeply supportive of this evolution of consciousness. Mother Earth is beginning to awaken, the vibration is changing; Mother Earth is also moving in an ascension process into a new world.

    So, allow your hearts to open a little more than they already are, and feel the connection that you have with each other in this room, and allow the love to flow. We're here to take you on a journey to feel what it feels like in 2012. We’re here to help you feel what your bodies feel like as you begin to ascend to new levels of consciousness. So allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and feel the deep intrinsic connection to Mother Earth... just let the feelings come, and let them go, allowing the love to flow.

    So many changes are coming dear ones. The end of your financial system is in sight. But don’t worry, you’ve been looked after for so many thousands of years now, and we in the spirit world are here still to look after you, to hold you and to love you and to care for you. Today it is the 12-12 in 2011, and that means the end of something and the beginning of something new. It means that love is coming. It means that you’re going to be in the right place at the right time and that things are going to happen to you in your lives; positive things, exciting things. These old energies of anger and sadness and hurt and pain, they’re becoming a thing of the past and you will begin to create your reality out of love, deep love from within yourselves, a love that flows with strength and power. Just like the Amazon flows from the Andes to the Atlantic, sometimes more, sometimes less, siempre siempre fluyendo, always, always, always flowing.

    The love will always flow and you will create a world of your dreams. A world of love, a world of connection, a world where everybody begins to love each other. On a global level this energy of separation is releasing. It will happen as the microcosm of a macrocosm. Each individual will begin to change and the world will begin to change, and this will bring a deep love to this planet and the planet will feel this love.

    There are many, many changes coming, and before long you will begin to trust your intuition more and more and more, until ultimately you’re living out of intuition. You will be held by the universe, with your feet firmly on the ground, connected to Mother Earth. And you will receive pure divine guidance. And what is happening now is that your fears stop the guidance flowing, but once your fears dissolve and you’re deeply connected to Father Sky, you will walk that magical path between heaven and earth. For those of you who are on the first wave and moving into the new world, it is for you to bring heaven here to this earth and to help those that are on the second wave, and to help humanity to move through into this new level of consciousness. Humanity is evolving. The entire planet will evolve and the way you treat your planet will be in a very different way. The love will always flow, the masculine will always merge with the feminine and the feminine will merge with the masculine, always, always merging. Just like nature.

    You are moving through into this new level of consciousness. Step by step you will become the flow of the universe and you will live with the universe. You will live with the ebb and the flow of the sea and the seashore and you will stay connected to the universe, connected to the sun and the moon and the stars, connected to the planets; these will energize you and they will bring you love, and you will receive that deep guidance—a deep intrinsic guidance that only those who are deeply connected to the universe can receive. Only those who are whole and complete can receive this guidance, and it will bring you great love and great joy and you will feel absolutely loved, absolutely safe and absolutely secure, and you will feel held.

    The new world is very different from the old world. You have all been deeply sleeping, put to sleep by so many different wars, by such negative behaviour. You have been disconnected from the universe and disconnected from one another. So we always bring love in these channelings, and we also always allow the love to flow.

    So just drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and feel that this room is full of love and filled with spirit and your spirit guides are here at your feet, in awe and in honor of the work that you’ve done here on this planet. The day will come when you can see your spirit guides, for they will become more and more physical and you will become a little more etheric so that these different dimensions begin to merge. The 4th and the 5th dimension will begin to flow and Mother Earth will begin to ascend, first of all into the 4th dimension and then into the 5th. And the love will always, always flow.

    So just feel whatever you’re feeling, for you’re all being connected more deeply to the universe. And in this energy your cells and your DNA are being reactivated and reeducated. The master of your cells and the DNA and the old energy was out of anger and sadness and hate. Your human individualist is going through a polar shift, moving from negative energy into positive energies and your energies are all changing. The energies of Mother Earth are changing, for the earth poles are also shifting, and they will become a new energy here on this earth. Allow yourselves to feel your bodies and feel this new energy. You are all being held and you are all being loved and you’re all being cared for. So just allow the love to flow. And feel what your body feels like.

    And if you wish, just ask that your cells and your DNA are reactivated. And feel this cellular activation flowing all through your body and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your body, knowing that your bodies are becoming safer and safer and safer. There are all of 7 billion people now on this planet, all healing, all releasing. Every day everybody becomes a little more conscious. There are those on this planet that don’t want you to become conscious; they want the way things are. This is why there’s so much war. The war just suppresses the consciousness of the planet and you can only maintain this unconscious living through all this war. But you can expand through all of this and that is what is happening here, that a new consciousness flows through this earth, a consciousness of love, of connection and this new energy brings love between men and women, between men and men, and between women and women.

    These new energies bring less separation from the inside of your physical body, more wholeness, more oneness, for that is where you are going; to a state of wholeness and oneness. You are on a new journey now, moving as the earth moves through the universe, into new energies and into a new structure where you are held and you are loved and where there is no disconnection. You will receive your guidance from the divine and you will create the lives of your dreams.

    So allow the love in the room to build and to expand and to flow through you and to make you feel beautiful, to make you feel loved. To feel that care and the connection.

    Dear ones this is Kryon signing out, go well and God bless and take care. Thank you all.

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