Who Was This Woman?

  • I don't like to listen in on other people's conversations, but my sister-in-law who is living in the same house as me was on the phone with a woman. My sister-in-law had the phone on speaker and I could hear the speaker on the other end quite clearly. The things she was saying were incredibly negative and disparaging. Some of the remarks may have been about me, but I'm not sure. Who was she? And was what she was saying related to me in some way?

  • It's not who was speaking or what was being said, but why it would matter so much to you that is the point.

  • Basically, the issue is that I am attempting to rebuild my reputation and I'm concerned that there may be people who are trying to sabotage that. I was wondering who the woman was and if she's connected to an organization I was once affiliated with.

  • You rebuild your reputation by living a moral and ethical life and working hard, not by worrying about what a few unimportant people might think of you. People will always gossip - just make sure you behave well and you will be well regarded by those who matter. Smart people will not base their opinions of you on mere gossip.

    If you are always looking over your shoulder, you will miss the opportunities before you.

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