A reading would be so appreciated - Captain, Blmoon, anyone?

  • Sorry to start another thread, but I would really appreciate a reading in this difficult time... Any information you require I can provide. I am hoping to get some guidance with my ex partner and find if there is any light at the end of the tunnel

  • I'm sorry to say I feel your ex is heavily under the influence of his mother and he has spent many more years with her than with you. So it's hard now for him to go against her - even though he loves you. She has eroded his self-confidence all his life and is still doing it now successfully because she doesn't want to be alone. I'm not sure how long you are willing to wait for this man but I do feel his mother will not be around for much longer - either taken by a stroke of fate or institutiononalized this year. Whatever happens, she will be out of the way and your ex will be free to be with you. His emotional scars however will take a long time to heal.

  • institutionalized

  • Captain you are amazing. You still feel he will wish to be with me after she is out of the picture?

    This is unfortunatley what I was expecting, though I didn't think she would ever leave. His emotional scars are obvious to me as she has always taken blow after blow at his confidence - and unfortunately, though for our entire relationship he was strong enough to stand up for her, he was quite ill himself in the end of last year and it all got too much for him. I would wait forever for this man. Though his mother loved me until December last year (to the point of jumping up and down in happiness when we finally became a couple), she suddenly turned out of jealousy (and her mental health issues, however she refuses to acknowledge them). Until this time my partner had been strong enough to stand up to her, thanks to our love (before I came along he couldn't). However he is now miserable and has thrown away all that amde him happy. I am hoping his happiness will return if the event you forsee occurs - do you see this happening?

    Many thanks and blessings for your words Captain

  • The main thing to focus on out of all this awful business is that the one you love loves you back. Hold onto that when you feel lonely or miserable! He is a good man who cannot give up on his mother even though she is such a twisted, ill person. In fact, that is why he stays with her. If she was stronger, he would leave her to manage alone.

  • And yes I do foresee the two of you being blissfully happy together in the future. You just have to trust the Universe to take care of you both.

  • You are wonderful Captain. I admire your readings, and haev watched you help so many so selflessly. Thank you for helping me now. Right now it's hard because we have limited contact but I do understand his position is difficult.

    Let me know if htere is any furhter info I could give you for more accurate info. Thank you

  • You're very welcome.

  • I would adore a full reading to get your entire insight if you have time - am happy to exchange for Tarot. Your wisdom is unmatched!

  • I don't read the Tarot but if you give me both your birthdates, I can do an astrological and numerological reading.

  • Thanks captain. I am 14th September 1991 and he is 3rd January 1992

  • Both of you are earth signs so there is a lot you two will agree on. The synergy between you also intensifies your sensuous tendencies, resulting in a shared love of food, comfort and physical pleasure. You both value the relationship's natural approach which lets you be yourselves without fear of criticism or judgment, something your partner really appreciates as he gets all that from his mother. You two know how to have fun together, but you work as hard as you play. Just don't work so hard at your jobs that you don't have enough quality time together. Marriage here has a good prognosis for success and a healthy survival. Jealousy and infidelity are rarely a problem in this combination.

    One of the problems your partner suffers from is an addiction to routine, no matter how painful or dull it may be. He can cling to his work or his lifestyle routine and won't give it up, even when it is boring and mundane. Then suddenly - boom, he's gone to the other extreme and finds it difficult to hold down a job at all. Terminal restlessness and a need for constant stimulation and change plague him, yet he requires a regular mind-numbing schedule or else he becomes fearful and uptight. It's so hard to be him. Thus he can go along with his mother's crazy lifestyle because what he is used to is an odd form of 'security' for him. It's not easy for him to let go, because he doesn't trust that he can leave anyone else to do the 'job' of taking care of her. properly. Yet that is precisely what he has to do. It's because no one looked after him properly when he was young that he feels he must be on guard now all the time. But one day, he will suddenly get fed up with her behaviour, and like I said before - boom! he will be gone. It will get easier to let go of the wrong people and situations as he gets older.

  • Thanks for the reassurance and advice Captain. I just hope I won't be waiting too long for his return to my life

  • Captain what is going on! On Saturday I told him how I felt... It took him 2 days to tell me he apparently doesn't care. He has been too scared to talk to me or see me, but can now apparently say he doesnt care when 3 weeks ago I was the love of his life. I'm so confused and hurt, specially as his friends are constantly asking me to not give up on him as he's not himself.

    Do you have any insight?

  • He is trying to spare you the trouble of waiting for him as he doesn't see an end in sight to his mother's domination of his life. He is afraid you may get stuck hoping for a future with him and he wants you to be happy. This is his way of 'setting your free'. He thinks he is helping you and doesn't see how miserable it makes you. He needs to understand that you are in it for the long haul and can't just turn your love for him off like a light switch.

  • I understand this captain, however it cuts deeply. He has left for an overseas holiday for a week - should I try again when he returns?

  • Don't push because he feels there is nothing he can do about the situation at the moment. But let him know you are still thinking of him from time to time and enquire about how he is..

  • I trust you if you feel the universe will help

  • The universe always stands ready to help you. but be aware it is protective and will always give you what you NEED most, not necessarily what you WANT most. What you may need at the moment for your own good is to be away from this tense situation. It's really something your friend has to work out for himself.

  • I agree this time is what I need - as much as it hurts. But I hope the outcome is what I want hehe

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