Libra woman, Taurus Man- help

  • Alrighty, here's my deal. I've been good friends with my Taurus male for about a year now. ( I am 25, he is 28) When we first met, he wanted a relationship straight away and within 2 weeks our status was instant couple, which was too much too soon for me. Naturally, I freaked and call it quits (at the time, I had only been single for 2 months, him, 4 years) I said that if it was meant to be in the future, then time will tell.

    He is a great guy and we get along great, have a lot of fun and music is our big connection.but him being a very true Taurus and myself a true Libra (although my rising moon is Taurus ironically) I find him very frustrating with sometimes what he says or means (example: give him a compliment and he'll either ignore it, or say he isn't sure what to say to that) and after a year of just friends, it's been very clear he's wanted nothing more than for us to be a couple again.

    I want things on my terms this time WHEN i'm ready. We have shared a few kisses, and lately he went overboard with the affection and i told him so. he backed off and its a more comfortable place for me. I like him, but i'm also torn between still wanting my freedom. We live about a 20min drive from each other, so we hang out maybe once or twice a week give or take. He is great, but I do find it hard to understand that he is a loner with no close friends, in fact, aside from his flatmates, he doesn't hang out with any guys, in and out of work, and spends a lot of time by himself. I'm a Libra, so outside of work, i socialise a lot (seeing friends, gigs, hobbies etc) so naturally I get fustrated when he doesnt seem to have a social life, except when we hang out. respect that it is how he is. he is shy but not painfully so, and unfortunately he is extremely inexperienced in the bedroom (something that freaked me out)

    He sees a future with me, and we do share a plan of travel together, but right now, i can honestly say as much as I like him, i don't feel anything for him (yet) I'm not forcing anything, but at times, because of our signs, I find it very difficult to understand him.

    Any ideas?

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