• Last night was awful!!!! Just about 2am, our little one who is four years old began screaming for her mother (I'm the grandmother, we all live together). Calling out her name over and over. My daughter who is the childs mother was not pleased to have her sleep disrupted not long after going to bed herself. She stated that the child was tossing and turning and then came the screaming. What to her seemed like relentless screaming. (Truth is the two of them and their emotions feeding off of one another didn't help this situation.) My daughter tried to get the childs focus repeating over and OVER again look at me, stop this to which she really was not getting any kind of functional response. I tried to intervene but my assistance was not wanted. This ordeal went on with my daughter becoming more and more upset and angry for what seemed liked forever probably an hour or so. The child hearing her mothers freak out began to respond with crying and answers she thought mommy wanted to hear anything to stop what was now her mother rant. It was simply dreadful.

    Once the alarms went off this morning we spoke a bit about it, my daughter was still very agitated and angry, which only proved to upset the poor little one again and again. I tried to explain my theory that I believed she might be experiencing night terrors and actually during the process may not have been awake. Kind of like a sleep walker walks but is not awake. I don't know if this was the best explanation or proper response on my part. You'd have to know my daughter to understand that when she gets like this there is no talking to her. Mind you she isn't a terrible person but she lacks patience and grows aggitated very easily. She is also stubborn so if she doesn't like the answers you offer she shuts down. I don't want to produce that kind of a response.

    But I wondered if any of you had similar experiences, yourself or with your children or grandchildren. If so, do you have any suggestions on what is the best way to handle this situation? I almost worry about waking her out of it sometimes because I don't want to make the experience worse. Needless to say this is not the first time I have seen this happen, my daughter also suffered similar bouts as a child but she was older probably 6-8 at the time.

    Lastly I wonder if anyone has any insight as to what exactly was terrifying the poor child?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • I left a message on other post the other day you missed---and I suffered from night terrors. Still do on very rare occassions but it peaked in my twenties---very horrifying as the body is paralized but the mind is wide awake!!! And if you are psychic it is intensified as you see through the house--as if out of body but are paralized---it feels you are dying or near death in a young mind. Sometimes I could finely force out gutteral screams that took great intense force and work and my husband would have a hard time shaking me out of that state---it got to be a joke as even my children at least once had to shake me out of it although I could go years without one as I got older. Mine are very much tied to my allergies---they were not treated as a child or in my twenties

    DUST! and mold mildew--weeds Often they came after housecleaning---the reaction comes at night---brain swelling---airways closing off and deep deep sleep---yet the body over stimulated. Being psychic--a medium intensifys that state and flooded my senses with too much spirit and psychic info floating around--like opening a door and a big crown trampling in. I had one last week----after doing a big garden project into the night at the school----anf forgot to take extra antihistamine before bed and had my air purifyer off because it got cold and the fan running out of the machine made me cold so I turned it off. I have not had an episode in over five years. I sleep in my own room so my hiusband could not hear my screaming although often no one does--as my body does not work ----people who have heard me say it is a very weird sound---my son once said I sounded like a sheep BA ING!!!! IMy spirit could see through the house ---even see my husband sleeping but I could not wake up--it is a very horrible feeling although I was aware that oh c rap---I'm having a night terror and this is going to be a struggle---it's like something is sucking you out of your body and you are pushing with every ounce of strength a big boulder uphill. I had already advised you on the other post before you wrote this about your grandaughter having allergies and being psychic. Check that post! BLESSINGS!

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