Suicide or Murder?

  • My son, Joshua (19), died on February 16, 2006.

    He was only 20 days away from his 20th birthday. DOB: 03/04/1986, 12:04AM, Temple, TX

    His death is suspicious, so was it suicide or murder?

  • Because he had been with a group of friends maybe. Was Josh depressed. I have heard that people sometimes die naturally around their birthday which inclines me to think that it was suicide. However, when I read the first sentence, my inclination was murder. Can you help me out some more.

  • I like Dalia, would like a little more info about your son, for me not about the circumstances, just his personality. I ran a birth chart (horoscopes within), which to me looked very interesting. I am by no means an expert in astrology , but I have been told I'm pretty psychic. I do no feel that this was a suicide nor a murder (if it was murder, it was unintentional). What I do see, is that he was with 2 male friends and they are walking and a strong feeling of drinking. I get the feeling that it was very unexpected to everyone including your son. I feel that whatever did actually happen, panicked his company. I feel that it actually happened relatively quickly. That's what I feel and I'm very sorry for your loss. Please correct me if any feelings I had are inaccurate.

  • Joshua was found dead in Amsler Park, with the chain of a swingset wrapped 3/4 around his neck, not enough for an actual suicide by chain.

    The last person to see him alive was a patrol officer @ 1AM in the park!

    The reason I have a problem with this, is because Amsler Park has a 10PM curfew for everyone. Was Josh asked to vacate or was an attempt made to arrest him? All the officers knew Joshua and recognized him in the dark @ 1AM, yet stated that they did not know who he was when on scene @ 5:35AM, only 41/2 hours later!

    I already know the 'murder' was not intentional, but I need closure.

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