AstraAngel...Would love a career reading if possible

  • Hi AstraAngel. I quit my job on Tuesday. I was too much for me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. However, I would love if you can do a reading for me about what my career holds in the near future? Thanks!!!

  • Hi piecesjewel

    So you quit your job on Tuesday? Wait a minute! Haven't you heard how few jobs there are out there? How everyone is looking for work? Scared? Nervous? Biting their fingernails?

    Good for you. Proud of you for following your heart and trusting Heaven to provide. You are heading for something much better!

    I did a 6 month spread just trying to pinpoint when you will land whatever it is you want.

    I am geting February, around the 4th.

    Also, not sure you are looking for this, however there are some love related issues connected with a guy beginning in March-April. There is more...

    I hope that helps. Keep dreaming strong about what you want in work, keep working your imagination, see yourself in a wonderful work, and that is what is happening...

    Congratulations for having the faith to step out like you did. I salute you.

    love and light and ABUNDANCE for you piscesjewel!

    "Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul (dreams and envisioning what you want) prospers" - 3 John 2


  • Thanks AstraAngel! It was a very difficult decision to make. I am thinking of opening my own business. Do you see that would be something I should focus on now that I have the time? And regarding love, does this have anything to do with my current relationship or do you something new? Thanks, so much for your help and kind words!!

  • I did two spreads - the first for career and YES it looks very good for your own business. I drew a LOT of court cards which bodes well for a lot of people (customers) you are getting and the last two cards STAR and SIX Wands are very positive signs. You should go for it you will do really well! 🙂

    Then I did another spread for your love life, on the left is the current relationship and on the right is something new developing.

    In this reading your are the Queen of Cups and the left side shows a Knight Cups and the FIVE cups which indicates you moving away from this present situation.

    Crossing both of these aspects of your love life is the LOVERS. Are you having an affair? Or want to? This crosses over to the Nine Cups which is the WISH card, so there is a wish for something new in love it seems. Then a pause as you reconsider... then the two court cards the KNIGHT Wands and Knight Pentacles (We saw him in the work spread!). So it seems like there is more romance with others again, then the Six of Wands is moving away from one setting that has been turbulent and to another which is nicer... ending with the FOOL which shows you taking a chance with someone?

    Love and light,


  • Hi AstraAngel...I'm about to start this contract job next week, its only suppose to last a two months. Do you see me getting something permanent from this position? Also, I have recently broken up with my boyfriend. Not sure if its completely over, but we need some time apart. Do you still see someone new coming into my life or will this relationship eventually work its self out? Thanks!

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  • Hi piscesjewel

    Sure thing lets see about these two areas...

    "Do you see me getting something permanent from this position?"

    Knight of Wands. He's fast, on a mission. Where is he headed? This seems to correspond to the 2 month hitch, a quick energy/work... and then...

    The Sun. A very positive card to show up in this reading. Material happiness. The Sun is a rather permanent fixture in the heavens, so I am saying yes you will see this convert to a permanent position.

    "Also, I have recently broken up with my boyfriend. Not sure if its completely over, but we need some time apart. Do you still see someone new coming into my life or will this relationship eventually work its self out?"

    Five of Pentacles. Ugh. This card shows you locked out of a situation. Your bf I guess and you are boxed away from each other.

    Is it going to work out?

    SIX OF PENTACLES. This is a "relief" card after that tenseness of the 5. The six is all about sharing, so I do see a resolution between the two of you - looks like a lot of communicating things out, being more open and transparent perhaps. Looks good to me for reconciliation.

    Still... what about someone new entering your life anytime soon. Why not have both ha ha...

    Hmm...I put all the cards back and reshuffled and drew the five of pentacles again! So this doesn't sound like anyone new is coming real soon. I would put my money on you and your BF to work things out. I would be patient and let time heal you....

    Two of Cups. Yes, absolutely, this time apart will prove to be best thing you ever did. Expect something very nice now between the two of you. Talk more, share, don't be afraid to speak your heart to one another, and also never be afraid to pull away from time to time to be alone. Your relationship probably needs that to stay healthy.

    Blessings and love


  • Thanks for the reading! We are currently working things out, i think the time apart did some good. And we truly realize how much we want to be together.

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