Can someone please help me w/Reading advice on situation

  • Hi All,

    This is my first time here and any help would be appreciated. I have really intense feelings for someone and I shouldn't because they really act like annoyed by it. Can someone help read him, or the situation and give me insight. Are more details on him needed?

  • Can you give me both your full birthdates?

  • Yes, thank you for responding Captain.

    Mine- 10/29/1979

    His- 11/13/1985

  • Susie, the roots of this relationship go very deep, even back to other lifetimes where you have known each other in the past. It has never been easy between the two of you and you will both need to keep trying to repair the damage that was done from past lifetimes. Last life I feel you were a feuding brother and sister. A lot of things about your relationship still have to be resolved so your meeting again now seems inevitable, like fate. Like and dislike are not the important motives here however; free choice isn't really involved. It's best to strive for a good friendship because it may takes years to repair what happened between you. Your fortunes are inextricably linked, but it may not be through a love affair that your relationship problems are worked out. But self-discovery and self-awareness is always heightened (in either a positive or negative way) when the two of you come together. That is the most valid point of your meeting up again, to begin to know each other and your own selves better. There will either be an absolute commitment here from both partners or it won't happen at all. Maybe the latter, because your friend is pulling away from you because, at this point in his life, he is not interested in having deeply meaningful relationships or repairing the past. He is entirely obsessed with himself and has trouble letting anyone near him physically and emotionally. You yourself have a deep need for attention and are often subconsciously drawn to win over those people who don't seem to be attracted to you. But being mistreated is not love.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you. This was chilling to read because it is so accurate and helpful. It has helped me really see things clearly now. Thank you so much!

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

  • @TheCaptain Hi again. I feel that last sentence so well, the mistreatment part. I need help I do not know what to do. One day he's like a good friend, the next he just wants nothing to do with me. It's hurting me badly now and I almost want to just cut him off because his behavior, though not directly mean, is so cold and he just flat out ignores me. Can you please help me I am so hurt right now I don't know how to handle him...

  • This guy is not ready to mend fences with you yet. Nothing you can do at this point will bring him around and you will just get hurt. You will have to accept that he may never be ready for peace with you, in this lifetime. If he is hurting you, it's not love. You don't have to take it. Protect yourself first and move on. Don't put up with abuse by mistaking it for interest.

  • Thanks Captain. As much as it hurts I have to let this go. Thank you...

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