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  • Dear doeyeyedpisces

    First card that actually fell from the pack as I was shuffling is 'Family harmony'

    Around you he does miss that, the security and harmony that you made him feel in an

    almost protective manner that shielded him from a lot.You seem to have taken the initiative and

    shielded him in many aspects, whether you have realized this or not.

    'Making new friend'

    He is making new friends, his past is something that he is trying to move on from, and this card is showing that his social circle will be expanding and new to having more people around him that are living in the now and represent the present.

    As for you,

    'Deams coming true'

    Has been brought forth, so this is the best time for you to realize your dreams and make them happen.Start writing them down, or thinking of them in your mind to bring them to life, because they are more than just a fantasy...they are in the process of becoming your reality.


  • Hey P,

    Usually in the third position, I would take that as a future reference meaning that you will have detachment from material possessions and come to a spiritual awakening of sorts.Also, you may sacrifice something that you thought was meaningful that you now see a lot less value you in.In the process it will show you something which holds much more value to you and your path in a spiritual sense that is beyond the material needs.

    Hope that made sense 😃


  • Dear Tarotcurious

    The card 'New opportunity'

    came straight up,

    I thought this answered your question perfectly.If it isn't one of the ranches you have seen there's going to be other opportunities that present themselves that you will take up on and you'll know straight away which opportunity leads you in the best direction.


  • If I take awhile getting back to you, never fear, I will eventually reply, usually turmoil is going on at my end lol

  • Hello xMermaidiax

    I wondered if you could help me... I did a three card spread asking the tarot why my love interest wanted to leave me

    i got

    page of cups reversed

    seven of swords reversed

    lovers card upright...

    can you help me i think i have an idea of what it means but i need a professional... thank you

  • As soon as I saw the lovers card being shown, I just instantly got the feeling that it might be that his interest is elsewhere.Page of cups reversed represents news of emotions, but more of a sadder note than it would be if it was upright.Seven of swords represents usually when someone has gotten away with something or thinking that they have.With this being reversed I think and feel that he knows whatever it is he wont get away with it, It's going to come to a halt for him and he wont expect it.I could be wrong, but I'm strongly feeling a third party here.

  • Thank you for repsonding so quickly!!! I really appreicate it and I also thought a third party was involved i just dont know if they have always been in the picture or whether it is someone new.

  • Can i ask you if I will be in a relationship soon... will i ever find love... it seems like im always the one chosen for the chopping block and i dont know what im doing wrong.... im started to doubt that I will be bless with someone who loves me...

  • xMermaidiax

    Thank you so much! Funny I am beginning to act on my personal dreams...writing songs, singing, seeing a doctor to help me with my emotional eating and working out more.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi xMermaidiax,

    Would like to know if I will be in a committed relationship this year. Am in love with someone but it is mostly unrequited and riddled with distance and mixed signals. Need to know if there is someone out there for me and how to recognize him, or if I should give this guy time?


  • hi xMermaidiax, if you have time, i would like to have a reading from you about my career and health. i have been trying to get into this big firm for a while. i have a friend who is helping me out, but things r not going so well.. am wondering how much longer i have to wait to get a job offer from them??

    i had some health issue in 2009 and 2010.. its like on and off for a long long time. its not so bad, but did bother me so much. last year i was pretty much okay. kinda got relieved.. not sure about this year?? how's my health in 2012?

    looking forward to hearing from you. thanks in advance!

  • Hey there EllisAngel,

    He is tempted but, wont leave his girlfriend for you and I feel it's for superficial reasons rather than any true feeling or depth.

    'Magic of nature'

    There is something else that is coming to you very soon,It seems nature has other plans for you and especially in the love department.You will feel this as your body shifts into a different feeling and alignment where you sense this other person almost instantly, as he is around and being brought to you, and he is single!

    'Quiet Time'

    You will go through a period of self reflection with the card I got next which is quiet time,

    It feels like there is a lot of chaos in your mind at the moment that you need to settle and ease, once you distance yourself from the situation you will have that ability to calm your thoughts and see things as they really are, it will help you a lot and give you a different perspective entirely.

    'Body movement'

    This card that came next and I felt this was to do more so with your inner body rather than your physical, Although I am feeling a time for rejoice and dancing, so that could be the physical aspect.Your going to go into a shift as I stated before and you are going to find someone that is a lot more suitable for you,on your wavelength so to speak.Y ou may even meet him (I want to say the gym) but possibly outdoors in nature where fitness or activity is concerned.

    'Making new friends'

    The last card drawn.

    Your social circle will expand and with this new awareness you gain, you will find friends that are drawn to your energy and that compliment your personality and you feel instantly in-sync with.

    As for S, I don't see anything very positive around him in regards to you, Keep yours eyes open as I feel he has a way with words and may keep you hanging around/on just to satisfy what he needs from you, which is a back up and you deserve a lot more than that, and you will get that with this other guy that comes along.

    Keep me posted 🙂


  • Dear Danibo,

    I'd be honored to try and help you with any guidance you need, I have read a few of your own readings and found them exceptional, your energy is a very strong one and I felt instantly drawn to it and it's positivity.

    David is a little clueless when it comes to things like this, he comes across as a shy guy and any subtle hints you have given him aren't getting through lol.

    May I ask what his star sign he is?

    An approach would be the best way to go about it in a way that reflects his sign?


    It seems David is attracted to a gentle approach, he loves the quality of kindness which I feel you definitely possess,this coming forth shows that by treating yourself kindly and others, this will instantly grab his attention.He needs to be approached but in a gentle manner that shows you aren't too pushy but you wont back off until you know if there is something worth pursuing or not.


    There is a strong presence in this card which represents a very strong sexual attraction or one that is mutual in the sense of being drawn to each other.It's a very tempting bond and the sexuality that is infused in this link may prove to be very powerful.He has noticed you, as I asked how he felt, which is very apparent in this card that there is a resounding YES in regards to his interest and how it would be towards you.

    'Peace of Mind'

    There is going to be a sense of peace when it comes to your emotions and mind, your going to find out soon enough whether or not he wants something more.Your going to feel a lot more satisfied and calm about the situation because you will come to a definite answer and no mucking about.

    Should your friend intervene?

    'Look inside yourself'

    Follow your instinct as to whether you think your friend should/shouldn't

    If you feeling is for them not to, then follow this!

    Do not go against that and don't change your mind as you first feeling is guided by your intuition which is rarely ever wrong.I think you should take on the initiative and approach David slowly if he doesn't come to you.

  • Thank you so much!! : )

  • Hi xMermaidiax

    Have read your posts on this forum and am very impressed, keep up the good work. I was hoping to be able to get a reading for myself I you have the time 🙂

    I am hoping to get a reading about my love life and what you see, I do like someone at the moment but distance is an issue and I am wanting to move overseas or have a change of life direction for myself.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Much love


  • Hi xMermaidiax, i know you must be busy with foing readings for all, but would appreciate it if you could do mine. I sent you a message a couple pages back. If you could help would be wonderful,.

    Thanks Sahara

  • Hi Eiai,

    Good afternoon, I learned you from a close friend of mine,

    Now I am confused about my sister in law and my mother in law.

    especially my sister in law,seems she is hostile to me and very much likely to live together with

    me and my husband.

    I want to know the purpose of her (live together with me and my husband while she has 2 empty houses can stay in )and her thoughts about me.

    Thank you very much.

    Have a great day!

    God bless you!


  • Hello!

    I did a reading for my brother and i tried to give him as much advice as i could but i was hoping you could help me further with my interpurtation just to further advice me on what i came up with for him.

    So he basically is question his relationship because he has another interest in mind.

    So he asked which female would best suited for him

    Who is this female: queen of swords

    a keen observer, a subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, swift and accurate at recording ideas; in action confident, in spirit gracious and just. Her movements will be graceful, and her ability in dancing and balancing exceptional.

    an air sign maybe possibly libra...

    interesting enough the other women is libra and older

    What could bring them together: six of cups

    old memories she is sort of an old flame i guess you would say they never really dated but they always had that spark it was just always bad timing...

    when: 10 of cups

    first thing that came to mind was a family gathering maybe or a wedding?

    How will this happen: two of cups

    a uniting of some sort between the two of them.

    Who hurts him rather then benifits him: page of of cups

    interesting enough the girl hes with is younger and a cancer..... and very immature... could this be representing her? ...

    any extra advice would be great

  • Dear SmilerE,

    There is a very strong message that you need to break free and let go of whatever negative influences are holding you back.

    The first card is to do with 'Family Harmony'

    I'm picking up that maybe there is some arguments or something going on in this aspect and that's why this card came up, it's also accompanied by the 'letting go' and 'breaking free' cards that show there is a link after that initial card.I feel that whatever this problem may be that it will be released and create a new found bond and happiness in regards to your family.

    'Letting go'

    This card is showing that it's time to let go,it's okay to let go and in doing so, you are releasing your fears and finally have the strength to do what you need to.Once you realize what this is in reference to, you will automatically feel a shift and be a lot less attached.

    'Breaking free'

    You will let go of any burdens you have and you will rise above it all,

    Your going to find that sense of renewal, freedom and just a complete sense of knowing.

    I hope this makes sense for you


  • Greetings Mermaidiax,:0.I am new to tarot and have been practicing and would love some feedback on a spread I did asking if I could possibly be pregnant.I will obviously take a test in a couple weeks yet am curious.I did The Ancient Keltic spread from a book I am reading.

    Here it is:

    1:This covers him:Ace Of Wands

    2.This crosses him:6 of swords

    3.This is beneath him:The Sun

    4.This is behind him:4 of cups

    5.This crowns him:Empress

    6:This is before him:8 of wands

    7.What the querent fears:10 of swords

    8.Family opinion:Knight Of Cups

    9.Hopes:5 of pentacles

    10.Final outcome:judgment

    I am trying to learn the best spreads for various different questions.

    Thanks for offering help to us all:)!!!

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