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  • Dear DDTT,

    The first card I drew was 'Overcoming difficulties'

    Arachangel Jeremiel brings this card into light by reinforcing that the worst is now behind you, and that you are exceeding in conquering your previous challenges that may have weighed you down.I feel that with this card, you will not only be overcoming difficulties, but a lot of doubt that you may be feeling or having, especially in regards to your current and past loves.

    You Know What To Do:

    Archangel Uriel is giving you this gentle yet stern message, saying that you must trust your inner knowledge and voice in all matters, act upon this without hesitation and go for it.

    You intuition is on the mark at the moment and it seems it has been guiding you and telling you all along how you can deal with issues that you and your current love have.


    A beautiful card brought to forth by archangel Jophiel

    the message in this card enforces that your dreams are becoming a very fast reality, even more so than you realize, the only thing that is needed is nurturing and patience.

    In regards to marriage and engagement, I feel that there is no need to rush and with patience and this nurturing that you can give your relationship, that things will feel more balanced, certain and on solid ground.

    All the best


  • Dear Abetterplace,

    Archangel Uriel has brought the card CLAIRCOGNIZANCE forth

    guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts and ideas more clearly.

    There are messages here that aren't just from your own inner voice, but messages

    that are being passed on to you that will help you remove yourself from this feeling of being

    stuck and bound.Your pleas have been heard, and you will be able to get out of this.

    I asked how you would be able to release these feelings, and how you could better yourself by your decisions and drew the card:

    Remember who you are:

    Archangel Michael, has brought this message straight forward by indicating and guiding you to never doubt you decisions or feelings from now on.The person you are and the person that you have become shows strength and he is encouraging you to never betray yourself for fear of others or their wants, needs, expectations of you.

    Always remember who you are, how you became this person and how you have grown into a being that is worthy of love and that you are powerful and will be okay, you will never be lost when you remember who you are.


  • Dear Gino,

    Before I drew a card I instinctively felt that this person is/was not willing to budge.

    He as you already know is too wrapped up in his own pursuits and endeavours and really has no intention of something more serious at this time or in the nearer future.Move forward don't stop moving or looking for someone that fills your needs because, that someone will be worthy of your love and time.This man 'friend' of yours would not give you happiness and you would be feeling more lonely than you do now even if you were with him.

    The card I drew was


    Archangel Ariel brings this to light by telling you to be strong and stand by your beliefs.

    have the strength and courage to resist this person, don't show him anymore attention, let him be and if he truly wants you, he will come to you.I feel that your personality is strong and that with this strength

    you will attract someone that will be interested in you for who you are and that will be able to give you what you need.

    Keep me updated


  • Dear Brilliant Darkness,


    A strong message has come through in terms of taking back whats yours and that is your power.Archangiel Raziel has brought this message across by saying that you need your power back to manifest what you need and want from life and a partner.

    The feelings are definitely getting stronger on your behalf, but I feel with this is that your losing much needed emotional strength and energy and don't feel that it is being thought or felt as deeply in return.

    Your energy is warm and receptive, this person isn't picking up on that vibe at all and yet your investing all your power and strength to try and show them.

    Work on bringing your strength back to your emotional being and back to your heart, because this person is not someone that your precious energy or power should be drained upon.

    You will find someone who appreciates you and wont need to wait, they will act before you have time to even think twice.

    Keep me posted


  • xMermaidiax

    Very interesting readings. I would love one please. Also on the Tarot.com free readings I have been getting the Hanged man recently on the 3rd card. It's the 3 card free reading. I have been asking about my health/energy. Interestingly it pertains to peoples vindictiveness,mob mentality and to just witness and not respond. First time it didn't make sense was one thing but to get it again...makes me wonder.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks P

  • Sorry to intrude, hello Pfree, glad you are okay! Happy New Year!

  • Hi xMermaidiax-

    Thank you for this wonderful offer! : )

    There are a few ranch properties out west that I have been looking at. Do you see me being able to have one of these places soon?

    Thanks again!

    : )

  • Hi xMermaidiax (love the name)

    Could I avail of a reading please/? Its in relation to a guy called S who I like and I told him I like him. We are the best of friends and I am wondering if he feels the same about me even though he has a girlfriend!! (i know controversial).



  • Hello Mermaidia ❤ How are you doing? 🙂

    Please do not feel the need to accept my plea for guidance unless you have the time. I don't want to overwhelm you! Also, I would love to exchange your lovely oracle reading for one of my own tarot readings. It only seems fair! let me know if you are interested 🙂

    Anyways, I have something in my heart that's been bothering me, but I cannot do these sorts of readings for myself. There is a young man named David whom I have developed feelings for. However, I am a bit worried. He is closed off and reserved, and does not talk to me! I just want to know how he might feel about me? Also, one of my dear friends wants to intervene here, and tell David to talk to me, but I'm not sure this is a wise move. Is it a bad idea?

    You are a doll! Thank you so very much. Let me know if you would like a tarot reading in exchange!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • xMermaidiax,

    I'm not sure if you can read a regular deck of cards, but I figured I might try anyway. I've reached a crossroads in my career and I need to know if it is in the cards for me to stay in my chosen profession which I absolutely love...but it is a very unstable business where there may be a lot of movement all over the country and a lot of turnover in jobs. I asked the cards what I should do about my career and this is what they said. Can you help interpret? Thanks!


  • Hi there! is it possible for you to interpret a tarot reading for me?

    All cards were upright, no positions either; just 6 cards i picked out.

    Q1 - What is going on between A and B.

    Emperor - Magician - 5 Wands - 6 Pentacles - Moon - 10 Pentacles.

    Q2 - What is in his mind for me?

    Lovers - King of Wands - Judgement - 5 Pentacles - Ace of Wands - 2 Swords.

  • Also if possible could you please do a reading for me to see how things will go over the next few months between us. Thank you x

  • Hi Mermadia,

    Could you please do an Oracle reading for me - a general one as to what advice i could use now!!

  • Hi xMermaidiax,

    Thank you so much for your reading and help! Your reading is right about him.

    Though he is a wonderful man and has been badly hurt from his previous marriage, and doesnt want to commit on anything,only his work. I have stopped running after him and once in a while i contact him, because simply, i love him. It hurts, still very badly knowing that i would not be with him. As you said i have to be strong! Thank you again! I hope this year will be better for you lots of love Effie.

  • Hello Poetic . We are well. I trust you are too. I'm still biking all over the place and feeding the local homeless kitties. It's been rather dry here in the Bay Area Ca. which is not good for the earth but it's been grand for commuting to work by bicycle!!

    So where did xMermaidiax go anyway?

    Cheers Pfree

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Mermaidiax,

    Thanks for offering up some help to those of us that need a little extra at this point. I'll give you a little run down and my question.

    Have been dating long distance a cancer male I'm a leo female. As you can imagine it has been wonderful. Whenever we see eachother its amazing, we get on, on every level and have very similar dreams, aspirations etc. We are both very passionate and compassionate people.

    The last couple months he's been a little off, he has lots going on in his life, so am trying to be patient, but at the same time i am fully aware of the fact that he can be an avoider. My insecurities are starting to surface, and as much as I want to find out whats going on, if anything. I am also aware that men have a tendancy to pull away even more so Cancerians. Have a trip planned to see him, but after buying ticket he suggested we rethink trip which was too late. so have made other plans to stay with my brother instead of him, still trying to give him space, but hoping he'll come around when i'm only a few miles away and not 5,000.

    Feeling totally back and forth with my emotions.


    In my heart I know this is the man for me, we've talked about growing old together, buying property together, what our kids would look like if we had any...neither of us at this point want any..we both have kids from previous marriages..In a way what am I panicking about...I know..but cant help the insecurities.

    So question...Is he the one?? Are we it?? Do we have an honest to goodness future together or is this just a fantasy on both our parts. Well we marry? That I suppose is really what I need to know.

  • Hello xMermaidiax,

    If you are still doing readings, would you please do one for me concentrating on my marriage. I also have feelings for another man.

    Thank you,


  • Dear Yummy Brummy

    Usually the position it falls in will tell you who it is in regards to and what the surrounding environment around the person/situation is.If you have already chosen a significator for this person then it can mean that these are other influences or that they posses the cards traits in their own personality.May I ask what card it was that you drew and what position it landed in?

  • Hey B 🙂


    It's showing me that there is a need for more joy and laughter around you, that you may be working too hard or thinking too much to the point where you aren't letting go and just having a laugh and being able to freely be happy.Things seem stressful, but all of this will be over as the laughter that sets in is showing you that you will finally kick your heels up and have fun and finally be able to laugh.

    Also I'm getting a card that says 'honoring your true feelings' This shows to me that this year in regards to love you will be a lot more connected to how you feel deep and even if you wanted to ignore these feelings, they will surface and be brought to your attention until you are able to accept and deal with them.When you honor these feelings, you will attract much love.

    Last card I drew was 'Parenting and children'

    Your happiness will be focused around family and having a close bond with them,also a birth could be on the horizon, I'm not sure if you are trying for a family or someone you know is, but it's representing a lot of love and protection over children.

    I Hope this helps you


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