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  • Hello everyone and thank you for reading this. I am at my wits end. I met this Scorpio man over a year ago. We immediately connected. We talked on chat (internet) almost every night. We found each other to be so alike ( I am a scorpio as well), we both shared the same interest and found each other so interesting. Even his good friend said that we were so alike. So the thing is whenever we see each other at work functions, he makes it a point to get my attention and be near me. He has never said he likes me or anything of the sort. I am the kind of person where I want things concrete, said and stated and I want to be 100% sure. But since he has never said anything I never knew how to take him. So last Spring, I finally couldn't hold it anymore, you only live once right. So I told him, in not exact words that I had feelings for him. What I said was along the lines of "I think you are amazing and I want to live in your brain and learn all about you.." there is more but you get the point. So I sent this via text ( I tried to see him but he always brushes me off to make plans) and he replies with "Aww how sweet". Needless to say I was heartbroken. I am not the type to shout my feelings or go out on a limb and put my heart out to be trampled... I felt destroyed. When I asked him later that night what he thought he said "You're a nice girl and we have a lot in common". Since then I attempted to avoid him, move on date people, etc. We spoke here an there on chat but very short and professional. About two months ago we started to talk again, I don't know how but several things happened that really pissed me off, anytime I would ask him to hang out, like to discuss work, or grab coffee ( very casual) he would say ok, but then never text me back. On my birthday I asked him if he was going to be around to hang out ( since he never wants to hang out with me I refer to us "hanging out" as text/chat) and he said yes, but then ignored me. I told him a few weeks later he hurt me and called him out on not ever wanting to hang out with me. He said he was sorry and was busy. Since then he's been cold, distant, and we no longer talk like before. He would ask about my life, want to get to know me. Now it's stale, like joking conversation, or him ignoring me. In the middle of December, we had a company outing and I completely ignored him. I gave him my own scorpio ice treatment, as if he was a ghost. He ended up contacting me after the event and we ended up taking that night so I bring up like how he never responded to what my confession of having feelings, his response was, why do you need me to say it, it's obvious, and like he just wouldn't say it, he would say what do you think, or assume away, finally he said, "Do you think I just talk to all my co workers until 4 am" meaning ?? I guess then I assumed he did have feelings but still I don't feel reassured. Since then I cannot get him out of my head like I used to. I used to be able to distance myself, not talk to him, pretend he didn't exist. Since then we talk almost every night, I initiate it. He is never mean per say or rude, but sometimes he will ignore me, again he just jokes alot, sometimes a little sexual, but he says haha jk, again the conversation is stale like he doesn't ask or want to know about me. So I finally had it. I told him this weekend, and I did this in my own scorpio rage, to hurt him and make him just not want to talk to me, so I said " the person I thought you were was an illusion in my head and I hope your mind can be at rest , because I no longer have those feelings for you". He just texted back "ok". So yesterday, again I cannot get him out of my head, I was so so angry I sent him like moody messages, he ignored like 3 of them. Finally I said I hate you and he responds "lol sorry I didn't even see these". So I ended up like spilling my guts again (ughh why is it only HE has this effect on me) like I told him I hope he is happy he got what he wanted for me to hate him, that he is mean etc. He questioned me and said "name one time I was actually mean to you" and I guess he is right, he is so slick I can't really name an instance so I explained how cold, distant he is. He said "why can't we ever have a drama free conversation like normal people"... Now I am furious. So I finally lost it and like said I hate you, I never want to see you again, lose my number... Can someone please help. I have to see him this friday for work. Part of me is so hurt at his cold behaviour I want to punch him, the other half is sorry and I just want to be near him. Any advise on whether he truly has feelings or not, I feel like this is a game to him. What do I do Friday?

  • Hi SusieScorp - I might be a little late. He does have feelings for you, you need to be straight up with your heart. What are you scared of, Scorpio's love to love...bad past experience? everyone has been there, move on! You are scaring him away...he doesn't do drama and you shouldn't either. Look at it for what it is and not the fantasy you'd like it to be...he's only human.

    You might not like what I'm telling you...Scorp men take their time, but nonetheless love holeheartedly, he was waiting for you and you spoiled it Dear.

    Good luck with your heart young Scorpion!


  • Thanks ScorpWolf, not too late and your honesty is appreciated. We didn't speak friday but we did speak this weekend. He seems to still want to talk to me so I am just trying to be his friend and back off, not contact him as much and leave him be. Do you think I can salvage this to at least be friends?

  • Hi SusieScorp - Yes your friendship can be salvage. Take your time. Scorpio men don't react the way Scorpio females do.


  • Hi SusieScorp- Yes I think you can be friends but you still have feelings more than friends so he will probably still get you very angry with him because the feelings are still there for him. you called his bluff and put your self out there and he does not feel the same way for you. He will not respect you the way you want because you told him you hated him after you told him you really liked him and you did not get the response you want. I am also a scorpio and was with a scorpio for 6 years. For me it was always a control struggle he wanted to possess me and I won't have any of that as I am a scorpio! I am staying away because I know he wants me back and really cannot go back and it is all or nothing for scorps so I would say why would you want to put yourself through this!

  • Thanks Denise. I don't want to put myself through that so I have "iced" out the situation and just separated myself from it and decided to focus on myself and my spiritual growth here in this lifetime 😃

  • Hi SusiScorp - I am happy for you that you have decided to take distance for yourself. True traits of a maturing Scorpion!


  • You want to live in his brain and know ALL about him? That is about the scariest thing to say to a scorpio man--or woman--surprised you are a scorpio and don't get that. I have been with a scorpio for more than 40 years--raised two and my dearest friends are scorpios. They are not for the meek or the weak and definetly need their space. You have to trust your instincts below their surface as they need secrets---not nessassarily bad secrets but they are most comfortable feeling in controll and private. You two are too much each wanting to be at the wheel and you can not controll or push him. You can inspire him and give him enough space to REACH FOR YOU. Never play games with a scorpio--you will get stung and they are the masters of hiding feelings---for protection they will mask their feelings if they feel you are crossing their boundry. HONESTY is the best way---they prefer to do the chasing but need to feel safe in your loyalty--they hate drama so the worst thing to do is lose your temper and go into a release tirade. If they have been wrong they respect a to the point remark but they run from large explosions of emotions. Their cool poker face hides very intense emotions---they are all or nothing because they know they are capable of intense energy so they are carefull of getting too close to people who may goad them into firing back. They hate neediness---prefer a mate who is independant and has a full life to fill those times when they are intently absorbed with something---when they are busy it is focused and nothing else exhists--they are a powerhouse. You can't be needy when they are busy---it's not personal.They respect strength in others and may act possessive at times but really he do not respect a woman who lets them get away with that. They don't want to be controlled YET they secretly crave a woman who helps them keep controll of their powerfull energy. A wise woman knows how to look deeper into them yes but without abusing that power over them--that is their fear--they are protective of themselves. Again--they are not for the thin skinned or weak. Often they sting just to get space---or they have a secret worry that is building in them but are not telling you---maybe a job worry---whatever it is they tend to keep it to themselves and work it out themselves as they know they have to be carefull of their own intense emotions and not do something destructive. AND if a scorpio does lose his temper--it's best to give him him all the space he needs---let HIM decide he is ready to deserve your presence again. That's where having your own full life comes in---you can say to yourself--whatever to his latest moodiness and focus on your own life until it blows over. There are two sides to that great scorpio passion---it can rock your world or burn down the house. They are a wild ride---fircely loyal but only for the big stuff--they expect you to handle the small dramas on your own. And never play the jeolousy card just to get attention--it will backfire and he may never return. A scorpio if he loves you knows you are a real catch---and while you give him space he knows he can't ignore you too long and he comes back---trust that. BUT never force it--it only sends him away longer and here's the secret---he knows if you are so wrapped up in chasing him endlessly thinking of him---there is no need to worry about another man stepping in---scorpios are psychic by nature--they know exactly where your energy is and if they feel it's all over them they are not the least inspired to put in any effort and they lose respect and they will sting that---it is their nature to poke at weakness---to inspire strength from others. Best advice is to tame your emotions---run--dance---wax the car etc. Be attached but also have space---if space makes you anxiouse you need to choose a different man. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon - I absolutely love your knowledge of Scorpio's. Good thing you pay attention! lolol take care.


  • Blmoon your description of Scorpio scared the hell out of me. Of course you are entirely correct and scarily accurate. I'm a scorp and act exactly like what you said. Thanks for your insight.

  • You are welcome. I should add--despite all I know---there is always a surprise or two! God forbid they should be predictable or at the least boring!

  • Blmoon - Gotta love ya!


  • Hi blmoon, why do scorps run from emotional outpouring when theyre emotional themselves? I sometimes wonder if they secretly like it, knowing they were able to get you to that point.

    My issue, i met a scopr male through work. we have to work together, have to deal with each other every day. were in two diff states. in the beginning, we got along great, we took it to another level, on the phone for hours not talking work. Then he pushed back and became super distant, for no reason. I called him on it a few days later, claims he didnt see it that way, moving on, we had 1 pretty big argument over our work/personal relationship, during this argument he asked if this was my way of pushing him away, i ignored it, im a capricorn, ive detached myself, even though we still have to deal with each other, i dont take the bait when he tries to talk about anything other than work, i sound indifferent and probably cold, which just means i care, ive been ignorring his work phone calls also, and taking it to email instead. After yesterday i ignoredhis call, he left no VM, i messenged him re: work instead, he completely ignored my message. I guess this is his way of giving me a taste of my own medicine, my question is, does he still give a crap, im sure they dont like to be ignored and have a need to know everyone, will he still try to pursue our 'friendship', or is this how its going to be. I know he likes me, my biggest hangup is he just wont admit it outright. So if anyone can hypothesize what is going on in his head, thatd be great

  • SusieScorp - was just browsing and wondered what's going on with you?


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