Angle visit while sleeping?

  • does anyone on here know if there are any certain patterns to determine if an angle visits you during your sleep is real or it being just a dream?

  • It depends on the situation I suppose. I have waking dreams of Angel visits from time to time when there is help from above on its way. I would take them as a message sent and take a few moments to understand the message.

  • LoveDetox thanks for ur help !

    There wasn't anything said that was a message that i remember . i didn't recognize that they were angles until the next day when i was thinking about the dream.... there was a male with wings appeared to be in his 20's according to what we look like.... a girl walked up with in a minute or so. She had something wrapped around her with a hood. ..she could of had wings but i couldn't see them . she looked to be the same age as the male. when i got close to her , her face began to glow and light came from her face to mine. i don't know what happened or if anything was telepathically transmitted, but what i felt was a really strong feeling of love.

    i think maybe the message was to show me that they are with me.

  • Hi,

    I was searching for a thread that discussed this topic but I can't find it...sorry.

    In my case once in my (waking) dreams she appeared as a fairy. Very beautiful and very peaceful.

  • flowsco ..... , that is funny because i asked the male appearing angel in my dream this * what are you, a fairy ?* lol lol,,,,,, i heard someone say the other day that there are no male or female angels just angels so that has me a little cornfused about the dream, but i guess they can appear to you how ever you need them to maybe.

  • Earthwindandfire - Yes they can take any form that they think will help with the message they have for you. My dream was very busy with different messages yet I am sure my angel wanted to get my full attention and first she appeared as a light snowball and then "rolled out" as a beautiful and soft white fairy. I told her that she was beautiful and then she flew around my head then I woke up.

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