Monkey, Dragon, and Snake gatecrash Tiger and Horse's house for NYE

  • i am a Tiger, my girfriend is a Horse. we had a very good end of 2011 and we were getting ready for a good and quiet start of 2012 when out of the blue at the very last moment, our friend - a Monkey decided to gate crash our "private party" along with a Dragon and a Snake. my gut feeling was telling me to say no, but on the other hand it felt an awkward thing to do. the party was a disaster and since then nothing goes the way it should. the peace and quiet of the 2nd semester of 2011 is all gone. can anybody advise me what a visit of such signs means - I know that a Monkey is the opposite of Tiger - meaning fustration or even death, maybe i attach too much significance to all these, but like i say - the shift from "good" to "bad" was very visible and i associate it with the visit of these three signs in our house

  • OK, being a Monkey myself, I have to stick up for them here. 🙂

    Seriously, just cleanse your house of the chaotic vibes that came in that day. Sage burning and other restful incesnse will help as will letting the breeze flow through the home by opening all the doors and windows. Visualize white light flooding every room. Play soothing music and have frequent showers to wash off all that crazy vibe on you. Go walking in nature. Your own feelings of peace will come back as soon as this incident no longer bothers you. And next time, trust your gut feelings.

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