Diet This Diet That Exercise ,....... when does it stop`?

  • Ok we all know the medias barrage us with pre season diets, excersize schemes, discount gym membership, invest in this excersize gadget weightloss garantied, showed by some celebrity, and we all know it will be intensified after new years.

    I understand many throw caution to the bleeding wind, BUT most of us who has been on a controlled weightloss, change lifestyle, and done proper excersize for years and months, either because we wanted to, because healthscare pointed the way, or whatever reason.

    I feel sick to death of all advertising all over, being it for a new cellphone, a new tvset, a car, clothes, whatever. Ok it looses the sex sells all n it is a change but come on it makes me puke now.

    I speak for all of us who HAS watched what we ate, and not binge eaten over the season, NOR shyed from our motion excersize routine. All this advetising talking about diets and what not is getting on my nerves.

    Basically what i see is not aid to help people change lifestyles or way of life. Changing eating habits and getting movement into your daily life.

    I see it as a rip off. How many has an excersize gadget in their home they haven´t used since they bought it? How many has used it as a rack for whatever? How many has sold it off as not used taking up space? How many has gone out n bought another gadget that now stands collecting dust and space? How many has purchased a gym membership but never goes?

    Some years ago i was not only on dietpills that was the ace of teh day, and i started to walk each day, no matter weather i walked. I came up on 2 hours walk a day. Later it showed the pills was pure poison. Yet for some time i kept up the walks. I got so thin n yet i was not happy. all raved oh u look so goooooodd. BUT what is good looks when u feel lost empty inside?

    Years later i had a healthscare, n begun my walk, cycling routines again. So it comes down to WILL power to change, and trust me, we can do it on our own. We do NOT need ads to shame us, or whatever.

    I do understand a thread on cravings has been set up, ive replied to it. For many it´s a good thing bc often behind some actions we do, lie a deeper psychological reason behind it.

    THAT said, I with my experience will mark here, it IS NOT the ONLY reason. N we MUSt be ABSELUTELY CAREFUL not to go and say okay thats why i am as i am.

    Someone once published a book on aches and pains, n you could look up the psychological reasons behind pains n aches. MIND YOU NOTHING in that book fully explained my pains n aches NOR those of my friends. so nor will the book on cravings.

    I shy from the subject hahahaahahaahahahaha my bad.

    If you´re like me, who has watched the eating for years and months, not binged eaten n kept a regular routine of moderated intake of all craves along daily walks or cycling or whatever the excersize is that you do, you must be sick of all this as well.

    Why am i making a ruccus about this? Well in past on diet when i felt shamed of having done all i could and more, and yet was shamed by family and adds and strangers alike for a small tint slip, i would plunge into the pit, fall of the wagon and it would start all over after a few months of neglect.

    Now medias are more massive in their schemes to shame us when we´re doing so well as it is, n we see results, not huge ones but small goals that are reacheble. They actually shame us instead of being an idea, a help, a start to selfhelp n self change. And that is why i post this bc i find it appalling. Sure if thousands fall off their shedule of lifestyle change the more money they earn because they get desperate to get back on the wagon. Or to buy useless gadgets that won´t be used much.

    I find it appalling n deploring the way medias are used by such companies, being it gyms, excersize producers, pharmaceutical firms etc. They oughta be ashamed of the way they do business. They are as evil as the mail list firms that sends you bull n u can´t ever get signed off them no matter what u do.

    Ive for quite some time reported all these ads as offensive, bc that´s EXACTLY what they r. Also have u noticed the once showing how to use all this bull looks like the freaking Miss bloody world? persons who are so fit they have no effing need to change lifestyles or loose weight NOR tone their perfect carcasses? Thats another fall pit.

    So please, if you useal are good at keeping ya weight, ya looks, ya excersize routines dismiss all these n don´t let em shame you to give up. Thats when they drag your money out of you, money you wanted to spend on something else.

    let us stand tall n proud here!

  • I agree with with you CWB!!! I had a very good doctor (he's retired now) He told me the body craves certain foods when it it low or missing something that is in that particular food that you crave. He also said it was ok to eat it to make your body go back in sync just dont over do it he also said excersise like walking is very good for you running or jogging to much is bad on the knees when you get older so do it in moderation

    so I dont feel guilty when I eat a couple of cookies or chocolate I do watch what I eat and I try and walk several times a week it keeps me off of insulin

    Happy New year!!

  • Happy new year to you yo shadow.

    Im glad you replied to this thread. I thought non would ahahahaahahahahaah

    Thats also what my doc said, plus she said a weightloss that has to last is a slow process, not a quick fix. I loathe quickfixes bc they tend to blow up in ya face sooner or later.


  • The thing I absolutely hate about those types of commercials are usually the women they use look like a they could be blown away by the slightest of breezes. I always think, oooh! I can see all your ribs. Go eat something for goshes sakes. That is just so gross.

    I watched the Victoria's Secret Angels fashion show on tv one year, or rather, I tried to. The way their hip bones jutted out looked so grotesque to me I had to switch the channel. There is a big difference in being thin and showing your skeleton.

    Right after Christmas we had new cereal commercial start showing that I really like. It says something like, while everyone else is trying to lose something in the new year, we want you to think about what you want to gain.

    Then it shows women of all sizes, from horribly thin to comfortably plump, stepping on a scale and instead of getting how much they weigh, it displays things like, Joy, Freedom, Style, Confidence, Energy, Health, and others I can't think of right now.

    My birthday is in December and I always think of that as the start of my New Year. I have been focusing on those exact things, ridding myself of negativity and trying not to get caught up in 'stuff' around me.

  • I say that commercial Rynna!! it is the special K cereal and I am so glad they showed real women in that commercial and the cereal is pretty good I too have been trying to rid myself of all negativity but it is so hard when the people you live with are negative and it is a constant battle and the holidays were a diaster for me. at least I have the password back to the computer

    so I can get to my notes & chat here on the forum

  • Shadowmist

    Yes, that's the one! Special K. I 've tried it before too, it is good. It is usually a little more expensive than the others so I usually just stick to Cornflakes.

    Cereal is my favorite diet food. As long as I watch the sugar, at least I am getting all my nutrients.

    Although I could definitely stand to lose (quite) a few pounds, what I really need is to just move. I spend way too much time hunched over the computer. I am trying to stretch more everyday and take deep breathes. Last year I was walking but the weather and laziness did me in, I think this will be easier to stick to.

    I know what you mean about the negativity. It seems like at the beginning it gets worse instead of better. I have been here before and am trying to get back into it, so I know that after a while, it does get better.

    I have found that at this point the best way for me to deal with someone else's negative is a few seconds of silence, then try to change the subject. Even if only to ask if they saw the weather report. But that is easier said than done, especially if I do have something to say about whatever they are throwing at me. Sometimes saying, in a deeply thoughtful tone, 'hmm, I need to give that some thought.' also turns them away.

    If I do fall into the pit, I breathe, center and say, 'that's ok. That is not the way I wanted to handle that, but I am not perfect and next time I will do better.' Then I let THAT negativity go too.

    It is really, really hard to do that day after day after day. I find that if I start the morning with some alone time, and again right before I go to sleep, it is easier to get into the habit of seeing that that is just the way they are, and this is the way I am. We are different and I think that is a good thing.

  • its gotten a lot worse aaaaaaarrrgghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • today is going to be a good day my man is taking his mom home & I will have three lovely days

    to relax & really clean my home hopefully by him taking her home some of the negativity will disperse

    cwb what has gotten worse the diet commercials?

  • Yes the diet commercial, they rule the pause betweenb programs, its more gadgets, more gymas, more eat this eat that, try this stuff try that stuff, heck even a ad on books has become all about diet.

    n when i change program, what happens more diet ads. i could scream!

    are those producers REALLY THAT stupid to think ALL across the western n eastern globe that ALL women regardless of status ill pregnant, hospitalized, handicapped, dying and what not REALLY wanna start buying all that effing stuff, eat it and pourchase it?

    Come ON. No one ................... well i was about to say non can b THAT stupid, but the ads ARE the proof no?


  • what I cannt stand is the programs for the diets I was watching a little tv & when the show ended they have an hour show about dieting telling you what to eat & when it drives me nuts because they have several of these infomercials on different tv stations aghhhhhhhh

  • Its like they all say, NO WOMEN NO MAN HAS ANY COMMON SENSE, NO INTUITION NO NADA. THEY HAVE ALL GONE APE!!!!!!!!! Meaning they have to think for people.

    Im appalled bc too many gets reigned in. Its all fake!

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