Compatibility - we share same birthday, is that good?

  • Someone new that I have recently met and seem to have a lot in common with:

    me: 11/22/1968

    him: 11/22/1964

    Thanks in advance!

  • You both might be attracted to your similarities at first, but they would soon become irritations - or worse. This combination rarely lives peacefully under the same roof. Both of you are hard-driving, uncompromising, and insistent, and you both get the job done in your own way, refusing to be ordered or coerced. Does that sound like an easy match? If you did want to live together, you would have to work out some sort of truce, in which the more aggressive sides of your natures can be given a break. Otherwise, open conflict or warfare can cause so much misery that you will wish you had never met.

    You are both pretty sexually intense as a rule but this doesn't reveal much about your love matchup with each other. Here you may be much more wary, particularly in the initial stages of your relationship. Sensing a powerful adversary whom you may not be able to dominate or humble so easily may make both of you keep your distance or even back off. Once you are involved however, it remains to be seen whether you can offer each other the freedom you both require, for you two can be surprisingly possessive of each other's attentions and affections. You both need sexual freedom, and a double standard can arise vis-à-vis each other, making a successful marriage difficult or impossible.

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