AstraAngel, a reading regarding my job please!!!

  • Hi AstraAngel, can you please do a reading for me? I have been looking for a job for a couple months. no luck yet. its pretty frustrating! I have a friend who is helping me out trying to get me into his company - a very big international firm. He gave me a referral to the HR.. so far I havent heard from them yet... i did my tarot reading before and the reader told me that i will get a job offer from that company.. but at that time, i did ask when. im getting panic. i really wanna start a new job asap making some money... i wanna know if i will start working for them within the next couple months?? how will be my performance in the company? will i do well?

    im looking forward to hearing from you!!! thanks!!

  • some typo... but at that time, i didnt ask when

  • Hi DDTT

    I will see what I can for you...

    i wanna know if i will start working for them within the next couple months??

    Eight of Pentacle - Yes.

    how will be my performance in the company?

    Page of Cups - good. Looks like a very pleasant and peaceful situation for you! Expect your communication skills to develop there. Sounds like it must be a great group of people you will be with!

    will i do well?

    The SUN - YES!!!

    love and light


  • thanks so much for your quick reply!!! it made my night!!!

    may i ask which month exactly i will start working? is feb possible for me??? or march? really dont wanna wait any longer ;( thanks again! hope to hear frm u soon

  • DDTT

    I used a five card spread, (*just to expand the time frame a little)


    And the Three of Cups showed up over FEBRUARY!

    So yes, February looks like your month! All the best to you and I pray for a wonderful situation for you there, you will be greatly blessed there.

    love and light


  • wow thanks so much astra!!! i hope it will come true soon!!! have a good day! your truly an angel! all the best to you too

  • astra, still abt the job.. am wondering if i can get a job interview frm this firm sometime this month? if yes, how will it go? will i do well? thanks!

  • Hi DDTT

    Sometime during week #2 ( from 19th through the 26th) you will have an interview with this firm, it will be with a woman, it will go well, she is impressed. Then, a week that goes by where and you receive good news that you are hired during week #4 (Feb 2-9).

    I am getting a lot of Pentacles with you so you are heading for good times.

    love and light and ABUNDANCE!


  • thanks astra! i think the interview should be held on site and i will probably be interviewed by several ppl. thats what an insider told me... but.... who knows. i will update you later. thanks for your help!!!!!

  • i have another question.... will i get to this person sometime this month? if so, when probably??

  • Yes, the 25th.

  • thanks astra.... actually that person is my ex-bf... it has been more than 1 month since we broke up.. and im seeing someone else... how will the meeting go? why does he wanna see me? hope you dont mind answering these questions... i certainly dont wanna bother you too much... just being curious..

  • astra, i have another question pls ;(

    i really start to like my new bf a lot... am wondering if he will be my husband if i want?

    really want to get insight from you on this... thanks

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