Urgent! regarding my 15 yr old son

  • Good evening,

    I did a spread on my son. Im not a pro or exp but what i was able to read leads me to think hes going ri run in to some serious problems in the near future. Sorry i didnt make not of the spread...

    Let me point out that my son does not express how he feels. I will sence that he is angry or sad, and i will talk to him to try ti help him express what hes feeling but he never opens up.

    Pls help me understand whats going on with him so i can know how to help him. Im open to the hear truth.....

    Thank you. I hope i can get some direction to help my son. 12/21/96


  • Sweetoty,

    You are in tune with your son...and when you speak to him, it touches his heart and leaves an imprint in his mind, even though he may not acknowledge it.

    If trouble is coming...you can only be there to help support him when it does. It may something that is meant for his growth, however difficult it may be.

    What man can do...God can undo. In the long run...there is nothing painful , even unto death, that can seperate us from Gods love.

    When you sense things are near...let him know that you love him and that you are there for him. If you you can see the danger before it arrives...you will do what you can to help him avoid it and or deal with it. It is sometimes very hard to communicate with our children.

    A mothers love , your love for him, is so very valuable, a wonderful gift. In the long run dear, he is going to be all right. In the short term..it may be a difficult time ahead. Remember the final outcome of it all.

    You cannot be superwoman and stop all things that would harm. You will do whatever is in your power... you know that you can and will do your best to help in whatever situation arises, because that is the loving mother you are.

    Peace, dear heart.

  • well said Patchlove.............No astro or tarot is the answer.......................it is typical for a 15 yearold boy to keep private about his emotions, it is the age of adolecense.......hormones etc..............I suggest that you do not look at tarot for child guidance if you cannot interprete, it will crfeate unnecesary worry. Nothing is the tafrot is that dire...........all it really is is a sumation of the process and cycles all humans go through.....start phase, initiation phase, gathering phase, sharting resources ohase, asessment phase, diligent phase...and so on....................

  • Patchlove and Acceptance faith,

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to my post.

    I guess as a mother to a 15 year teen, the best i can do is show him and remind him that im here to love, protect and guide him. I had a little chatt with him today on the way home. I gave him an example of what i was like when i was his age. The problems i went through with other kids. And how i was able make it stop and move on from it because it wont go away in its own. I know he listened and got the mssg. I just want him toi really understand that hes not a lone and is love .

    I thank you again



  • He knows:) Your doing great. It is a hard time, teenage years. they are just begining to learn their own opinions, emotions, social interations, girls. boys.....coming into their own. The best thing is to be a solid emotional rock and inviting for them to come at their will, no pressures.

  • sweetoty, it sounds like you are handling things well. Keeping the door of communication open is awesome.

    I was wondering if you have psychic or intuitive abilities....and if it is possible that your son may have them as well.

    There is so much coming at him as a teenager..and he will make decisions that many of us did at that age that will determine the formation of years to come.

    The consequences of our decisions isnt always apparent to ourselves until years later, unless by some fortune and guidance we are directed to considering our actions and subsequent affect on our future seriously...answering the what if's at the moment, instead of in hindsight.

    Umm.. I didnt get to that point, lol.

    But I must have needed the experiences to get to where I am today.

    May our heavenly father and his angels surround your son , ever watchful by his side.

  • Dear Patchlove,

    Im sorry for the late responce. My internet was down for a few days. I was told by TheCaptain that I have a strong intuition..

    I know that my son has many insecurities and now that hes in high school I worry much more. He did share with me that hes good friends are now in to smoking pot and he made the choice to stay away from them as much as he can with out losing them as friends. He was in high school wrestling then he out of now where decides to stop. I just hope hes strong enough to over come lifes opstacles with out feeling beat down at the end.

    Thank you so much Patchlove.

    Blessing 😃


  • Hi sweetoty,

    I too am sorry for getting back here sooner. I think you have instilled in your son the knowledge that he can do what he puts his mind to do, and it will help him when he does face obstacles. We can only be onlookers when our children make their way....letting them know we love them, they are valuable...is all we can do. To look at consequences in a serious way...sometimes it helps...sometimes it doesnt...the more stubborn of us have to learn the hard way.

    I hope this finds you well....both of you.

  • Thank you for your response Patchlove

  • Sweetoty, How are you?

    Sending buckets and buckets of spring flowers your way!!!!


  • Hi Patchlove!

    thank you for the bucket of flowers = )

    Im doing okay. My son is doing just fine as well. Just you typical teen attitude but its not so bad. .. He seen aa show about a man that is really good in reading body languafe and knows when some one is lying. So now my son is stubborn in wanting to learn how to read peoples body language. hopefully it becomes a positive thing.

    I send you a big warm hug with peace wraped around it 😃


  • Sweetoty,

    Thank you!

    It is always wonderful to come back and recieve the blessing of warm hearted souls.

    I hope all is well with you.

    I think I will actually get my son to ride the bus soon. Prayerfully he will some day be wise enough to be on his own in some fashion...but also praying he comes to no harm.

    Love and gratitude to you, Thank you


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