Post for the second time for Shuabby

  • Hello Shubbay and Happy New Year

    You know when you did the reading for the first ten people. You told me that I should

    listen to my dreams. Well Shuabby I had a dream early this morning I was in a house

    and there was people there not sure who all was. But there was baby mice in there. But

    there was some girls I guess they were my friends and we were all on a the top of a building

    and they were all going to jump I did not want to hurt myself and they were telling me you have

    too because everybody else is. But I did not jump I some how got down and then I was standing on a corner I do believe it was in Hawaii. Everybody that was by the corner was looking at the waves because the waves were huge like maybe 50ft tall. And then there was a huge wave it was like a volcano just let loose. There was a guy standing by me and he got hit with the wave but he was not hurt. And then him and I got into his sport car and then he went to a house with a gate and he when in. And there was this lady purse and I start looking in the purse to see if there was money in there. What a crazy dream. That is the first dream that I have remember for the past week or so. Thanks so much BLD

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