Can anyone help

  • Hello to anyone that can help. I called a friend of mine and ask if they want to go out. And they answered me back that they were with two girls and so on and so on. I say everything they said but I was just wondering if this person was being truthful or was this something that they just said. Because earlier this week, this same person text me out of the blue we are just friends but I was wondering if anybody could give me something to work with. Because like I said it was something out of the blue for this person to say the things they said, I do believe what they said was true so I just thought I would see if they want to just go and have coffee or something. We talk but not all the time. We have been friends for a very long time.

    Thanks BLD

  • hi blackladydriver,

    It sounds as if this person is trying to avoid a situation that you might take as being more than what it is.

    You have been friends for a very long time...and it seems as though this person is enjoying the friendship and does not want it to be anything more than that. perhaps your reason in there life is just to be that...a close friend who can be there in times of trouble in a supportive way.

    I would take it that you should keep your heart open for someone else to come in when that time comes.

    Best to you dear.

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