Cancer man like vs dislike

  • What are the signs when a cancer man like/dislike you?

    I am friends with a cancer/leo cusp man and I'm really confused on where I stand with him....Im not sure if he friendzoned me or im a potential. I have known him since august and we flirt a lot, we bicker playfully a lot, he likes to single me out in our group of friends, he teases me a lot. He is very hot and cold, sometimes i feel like he likes me and sometimes i feel like he has no feelings for me.Our friends have made comments like you guys are like a married couple...etc

    Also, when we are with a group of people its never awkward, but when its just him and I alone it is so awkward. He is normally quite talkative, but when alone with me he is not. I don't know if this is something, but i have noticed that he avoids eye contact with me a lot.

    He have told me before he cares a lot about me, and once when I mentioned something about us having a sibling relationship he freaked out and was like noooo you are not my sister. However, he never text me himself unless he needs something from me and sometimes the stuff he says really hurts my feelings.

    I will never directly ask him if he likes me or not because I know if the answer is no it will ruin our friendship. I know I probably overanalyze things, but thats me and I can't help it.

    I really like him and if there is even a chance that he might like me I won't give what i want to know is if this is a lost cause.

    Also, he has a gemini venus (ugh), leo rising, and cancer mercury.

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