Saturn Return Retrograde in Scorpio this year..

  • I know we are not supposed to fear our Saturn Return but mine seems like it could be hard to miss. Not only is it my first Saturn return (birthdate Feb. 25, 1983), but it will be retrograde in Scorpio in my 9th. I may be in it now. I'm still very new to astrology so i'm not sure how it is aspecting other planets in my chart or what those apects will even mean. On top of this, 2012 is a universal year 5 and is also a personal year 5 for me.I know 5 is about change. As of today I'm in a good place maybe a little restless but things are looking up. I'm not a hot mess with worry by any means just curious how all these energies combined could play out or affect me. Any insight, advice, would be great!

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