Yet another for AstraAngel!! ;-)

  • Happy new year Astra and hope 2012 is a good one for you.

    I have a question for you.......... Am presently learning the Tarot cards and yes, am a complete novice. I notice on some of your readings for others that you will start off by saying something like 'ok, you can be Queen of Wands or Empress' etc. My query is have you deliberately consciously decided on that card and taken the reading from there or is it one you've pulled from the pack at random? Apologies if this sounds a stupid question but when I'm attempting a reading for someone I'm confused if I pull a card that's the opposite sex to my querent.

    Hope I've made myself understood and thanks in anticipation Astra.

    Or if anybody else can intervene and answer me that would be very much appreciated.

    YB XX

  • Hi YummyBrummy

    I have recently started using the significator as a card that I would go through the deck and select intentionally. I used to let the Tarot decide, by pulling a card at random and letting that indicate the querant. I think its up to you, however I am being guided now to ALWAYS have a card sitting out there to represent the person who is asking the question.

    Now this morning something interesting happened as I was doing a reading for myself. Lately I have been using the Knight of Swords for me, and I was doing a general "where am I at" reading with no specific question. However the first card I drew was he Knight of Cups, and I had the impression that Spirit wanted me to use that card instead to represent me. So I think there are a lot of possibilities!

    My general thinking lately is to use a court card that represents the s e x of the querant, and the nature of the question, so for a younger lady (if you know the age) and it is a love/emtional question you can use the Page (princess) of cups, or more mature lady you could use the Queen Cups. That is my latest strategy. I know there are books that tell you what each court card represent, like a blonde lady would be this or that, court card, however I have not explored all that, and as most of my readings I never see the person it doesn't matter.

    Hope you are doing well and Happy New Year to you too!

    love and light, astra

  • Thank you for that response Astra - is very helpful as is much more clear to me now.

    If ever you'd like me to 'attempt' a reading for you then please feel free. You'll possibly interpret it as rubbish but am happy to give it a whirl.

    Have a lovely day Astra and thank you once again

    YB XX

  • YB

    I would be honored for reading from you! I am really the student here, I am trying to learn, and there is so much to learn... I appreciate your offer and anytime it is convenient! and I am sure it most certainly won't be rubbish!

    blessings, astra

  • Astra many apologies for the late response. Please ask me what question you'd like answered and will be an honour for ME to provide this privilege to YOU!

    I wonder if you'd be so good to check out an early 'relationship' for me please, I'm 24 November 1959 and he is 14 June 1971. He is so lovely and after a long spell single following plenty of serial dating I do feel he's all I need/want and nothing would please me more than to settle down with him.

    I understand you're well in demand and not surprisingly.

    Again, let me know what you'd like me to ask Tarot on your behalf.

    Take care and catch you soon xxxx


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