AstraAngel Can I have a reading Please?

  • Hi Astra,

    Happy New Year!

    Can you please do a reading for me concerning my relationship & finances/work for 2012?

    I feel like 2012 is going to be a good year for me, but Im perplexed as to why? Im not working fulltime yet & Ive just reconnected with Jake. So nothings concrete in my life at the moment but I still feel ok, I would usually be freaking out! Ive had a few anxious moments but predominately Im in good spirits.

    If I begin to initiate more contact and plans with Jake will this improve our relationship? Ive sort of let him steer things out of fear of looking needy etc. We've been on & off & I recently went to his house uninvited (we were off at the time) & asked to talk to him about the problems weve been having & it went well. I think that showing confidence in myself & putting myself out there paid off & this is what he wants. (we have communication probs but Im aware I/we need to be aware of this from now on)

    He is disappointed with work, he wanted to go into business w a friend & they have applied for Tenders etc but nothing has come thru yet. He wants to work for himself & wants financial security, he has 2 children I have 1. I have a house (Mortgaged) he doesnt. Does this play on his mind & so affecting us? Hes a very hard worker & very intelligent, He loves his kids & is very family oriented together I FEEL we could have a very good life??

    Me: 07 July 1970 Jake: 31 Aug 1976

    Thank you once again.


  • Hi MsSunshine!

    Happy New Year to you! Yes, I do see this will be a good year for you too... I drew the first card for you and it is STRENGTH so this seems to show a year of deepening power and strength in your spiritual life and more confidence and also standing up for what is best for you! Maybe people at times in the past have taken advantage of your kindness or perhaps you have felt like you have been giving out more energy than you take in. This year seems to be YOUR year to receive that which you DESERVE and attain harmony.

    So... in this reading you are the Queen of Cups, love with Jake is top of mind...

    1. If I begin to initiate more contact and plans with Jake will this improve our relationship?

    Five of Wands - doesn't look like it according to this card. I would continue to be patient and let Spirit work things out in the divine timing.

    You seem to want to go this direction though... reaching out to him. I think the key word here is "improve". According to that five wands, initiating more contact may gratify you on some level however it doesn't seem to necessarily improve the relationship.

    I want to draw another card or two and try to open this question out some more...

    Chariot and Eight of Wands - something is about to happen FAST with you, and I don't think you need to lift a finger. Stay quiet and be surprised is what I am getting. Heaven wants you to know this came from ABOVE and not due to a lot of effort on your part.

    Also, just as I was typing that, my kid's school called and said they had her hat in the office, so in the strongest possible terms YOU ARE GOING TO BE GETTING SOME MESSAGES SOON regarding your life and it will be GOOD NEWS. That Chariot and Eight wands together with a phone call at that same moment is like messages coming like crazy so hang on is what I am getting.

    2. His disappointment with house... Does this play on his mind & so affecting us?

    Four / Knight and Nine all of SWORDS so YES this stuff is all weighing on his mind big time, so your intuition is on the mark MsSunshine.

    3. He loves his kids & is very family oriented together I FEEL we could have a very good life??

    Do you FEEL that he is in love with you?

    I drew the Four of Pentacles + King of Wands (that is him) + THE DEVIL + Knight of Pentacles + Page of Pentacles

    and then below all of this I drew

    the SUN

    So, I will be really honest and tell you what I see... you weigh it all out in your own heart.

    After all of that Chariot / Eight Wands / phone call stuff I was very optimistic and was expecting some obvious signs of a great and wonderful family life for you and him... however... not exactly what I am getting...

    4 of Pentacles says that with him, the material (financial) concerns continue as he works hard. His mind is very focused on work and making money. Then the King of Wands, he is determined though, very determined to make it all work. The Devil card shows some sensual release, and I will be honest it feels to me like your relationship is very physical and rather intense. I get that because of how hard he works he will be releasing a lot of his stress with you in the bed. Intense. Then the Knight / Page of Pentacles says he continues on his work efforts very very focused on making his work successful... the focus between you and him (the LIFE) seems to have a lot of energy centered in material matters, and that could leave you out in the cold at times.

    I drew one card below all of this which is the SUN and that seems to show you under all of this (MsSUNshine), so you are keeping a happy face... now this 'could' show a bright future however it feels more like "down the road" or something.

    Should you choose to engage him in a life together you can expect his work/career concerns to fill the home a lot, and not sure you will always like that. I also drew a card to cross the Devil and that is the Eight of Swords, so his stress/concerns over this career thing continues and you are there helping him and I think it is very much a sensual kind of relief for this King wands.

    If you can hang in there though it seems to eventually work out into that SUN card. However, and this is a warning for you - I did not draw any cups ... I pulled a few other cards I won't even list here I was just conversing with Spirit trying to get a better grasp of the situation with him and still only saw one cup and that was the Seven which seems more like you daydreaming about love.

    So MsSunshine, here is the bottom line.

    1. Expect some messages very soon about your life and it is coming quick it seems related to some plans or something.. nine of cups... it does seem love connected. But it does not seem connected with Jake (Tower). Do you have any one else in your life beside him? Some other person you had given up on 'back there?" - anyway expect these intense messages!

    2. Entering into a life with Jake could set you up for a situation where you are giving more love than you are receiving. I see the relationship could center a lot physically and you will certainly help him there however at least for quite a while that might be all it is, as he struggles to get his work going. You may find yourself still longing for something emotionally in the midst of your life with him. It doe sound like there is a positive happiness eventually - the Sun, however all of that Pentacle energy has to be plowed through first to get there and pentacles are slow, so be prepared for the long haul.

    I also drew a couple cards with the Sun and still didn't get a Cup! Six of Swords and Two of Swords which sounds like some other shoreline is heading toward, and the two shows someone closed off and centered in their own heart. Which could be you should you not find the LIFE you imagined you would have.

    I would say that any time a relationship has to be "worked at" before there is any commitment (you mentioned your 'problems' with him) that to me is a red flag saying "Danger Will Robinson!" ... so proceed with caution MsSunshine.

    You might be wise to WAIT until he gets the job thing working before you hitch your horse to his, and then love might have a much easier time developing.

    That is what I am getting, please PRAY about this and seek heaven's will for yourself and I have just prayed for you to do the right thing and you WILL so don't worry - spirit will guide you and all will work out! I am really curious what that messages will be about though - exciting! And NICE for you! 🙂

    love and light


  • Oh here is the spread so you can see how the cards laid out...

  • Thankyou Astra your wonderful!

    Since I sent you my request I have sent Jake a few texts & even called twice & he hasnt bothered to get back to me? So I sent my last message to him wishing him all the best in life & that I must move on for good as its all hurting me too much. Am I delerious? I honestly have never felt more sure of a Man ever, even tho its been strained. I just want these feelings for him to leave me once & for all it just hurts too much.

    I'll keep you updated regarding the "Good News" when it comes 🙂

    God Bless,


  • Hi Zana

    Yes, I drew the Nine of Wands so you are in a place of power, although you feel the wounds of this situation you are doing great. Hang in there.

    Eight of Cups reflects the fact that you are distancing yourself from Jake, so now it is time for you to go within and nurture yourself.


    Peace and love


  • Astra,

    I dont feel like im in a place of power at all. I feel shattered at how I could get it so wrong!

    Ive gone within myself for too long & have been depressed, I know that i have to walk away but as I said I have NEVER felt so sure about anyone before. I feel like I must be insane! LOL

    Thank you for your time once again.

    Zana xxx

  • BTW - I do feel that he is in Love with me, but hes been very hurt in the past & unfortunately holds on to that too much. I stayed with him the other night & he held me tight & wouldnt let go & pulled me toward him again in the morning & didnt let go until he had to get up for work.

    Then replies no call back???

    He said to me "Zana I wouldnt tell you I loved you if I didnt, I loved you from the first time we met" I feel sick blaaaaa

  • Hey MsSunshine!

    Okay... I am sitting here considering your situation and drew these cards... these are a lot however I think this spells out a very nice path and outcome for you and him! Here we go...

    I started out by selecting a court card to represent you and Jake and we have you as the Queen of Cups and him as the Knight of Cups.

    First card out is the FOUR of Swords so right away Heaven is saying lay low right now. The both of you need to stay apart for a while and tend to yourselves. Rest and relax and let Spirit minister to you alone. So that is good counsel for you right now.

    Then, the SIX of Wands so we are now moving into a strong good future path for you, which appears to be crowned with success! So you have EVERY reason to be optimistic right now and filled with hope for your life of love!

    Next, Two cards to either side of that, the Seven of Swords to the left and the Hierophant to the right. Which seems to be saying two things.

    1. Develop a winning strategy

    2. Develop yourself by reading and feeding on Spiritual words, the Bible, tarot, Walt Whitman, or great books out there on growing in spirit - in other words keep reading and developing yourself within that is really important.

    Next, I asked, "What is this strategy that MsSunshine should follow (Seven of Swords). And three cards came up, the KING of Wands, the MOON and the FIVE of Cups. What does all this say?

    I believe this is your winning strategy to come out happy in this situation.

    1. The King Wands seems to be your guy... your dream of love and relationship and right now Jake appears to be it! A goal! Now... with that we have the MOON. What does that say? It says WATCH OUT for your emotions with him (and he needs to do the same thing). In other words, the emotions in this situation can derail you so play it very wise and reserved, okay? Don't let passionate neediness sweep you into something before its time. Be patient... let matter develop in their own way slowly... The MOON is also mystery so you can still dream and visualize what you would like to see develop with him. Just keep that as a private journey and refrain from the emotional issues that can develop. You feel your emotions raging, then pray the Lord's prayer, go for a nice walk, sing, sew, paint, or whatever you do that you love to do by yourself.

    Then... and this is very important... the FIVE of Cups is a card that is the "get out of Jail FREE card". In other words, it is your pocket card "just in case". And what that means is, always remember that the Universe knows what is best for us... so as strong as you love him, and believe he loves you, nevertheless always keep in mind that we all serve higher power and purpose, and it is possible that Heaven may have something else in mind for you that you can't see now.

    That doesn't mean you give up though. You feel strongly for Jake - FEEL STRONGLY FOR HIM! Love him in whatever way you can that is appropriate. Pray for him. You can even imagine him with you, in a way... whisper to him... so that you keep a connection going even though he is not physically there perhaps. You can still love him you know even though matters aren't working out presently as you wish. However, always acknowledge that Spirit is sovereign and can guide you in new directions... we are all servants of Heaven you know. You, me, Jake, all of us!

    So that is your strategy. Keep your goal there with him, a great love relationship. Watch out for your emotions, and also remember that Spirit is the authority over our lives and all things submit to that Higher Power. Because Heaven always knows what is best for us and we can trust that!

    I also drew a couple of cards with the Hierophant to see that else... The High Priestess and Nine of Wands (again, that is your present condition, the wounded warrior). The HP is telling you to follow your intuition. Keep your antennae out there and listen to your heart along with your personal development work that I know you are doing. Your heart will guide you, you have a very strong intuitive nature I get that about you, so follow that and you will be fine.

    Then, after all that we have THE FOOL which is a new life in Spirit with Jake and you prancing off into a field of daisies, having fun, making whoopie and deliriously in love and happiness! It is Heaven's gift! Enjoy! That is out there... there is a path to follow though to get there, and this reading is a part of that. Let Spirit guide.

    Also, I drew a couple of cards to confirm the FOOL and see the Page of Cups and the Six of Cups so this confirms the lovely relationship outcome with love and butterflies and you and him floating off into love's sweetness together... it is so beautiful! I see that for you and him!

    There you go MsSunshine. What do you think? I see amazing and awesome things developing for you! You are on path, and YOU are a LOT stronger than you realize. A LOT stronger! You are a child of heaven, you have divine blood flowing in your veins, and you are due all the love and blessings possible. And Jake too!

    I hope that gives you something... let me know if you have questions....

    love and light,


  • Thank you Astra, Im very happy!

    I have no intention of pushing anything on Jake but I have been truthful about my feelings for him & the importance of respect. The last message I sent him a few days ago was: "When 2 people are angry they shout because their hearts are at a distance, when 2 people fall in love thet speak softly because their hearts are close. When 2 people love each other even more , they whisper or just need to look at each other, thats all they need (we never shout at each other). I said all I can now Jake & its obvious that Im no longer in your heart, it hurts but its ok. Ive got things wrong in the past & Im sorry for that, but Im true & Im passionate about what matters to me. I meant what I said re when I was meditating - Be confident in yourself, good things are coming to you. Ive been meditating with a group for a few weeks & I have become more confident & feel strong, its the best thing Ive done for a long time. Have a great holiday with the kids, I hope you get all you want in life, I want you to be happy. Good luck with everything...Zana "

    So this is how I left things with him. I know that he will think about my words & about our time togeher & I do not want to influence or push anything. I want him to be ready & come to me when the time is right. Although Im hurting i dont hold any negativity toward him, I understand his insecurities & fears. Thankyou Astra your reading has confirmed for me what Ive been feeling & above all Im growing in spirit & confidence regardless of the outcome. The Fullmoon in Cancer (Im Cancerian) played a big part in my anxiousness too! Lol

    You're awesome! I'll definitely keep you posted.

    Zana xoxo

  • Hi Astra,

    Ive recently been chatting to a guy that I met on line approx 3yrs ago. We had never met & chatted on Facebook occasionally. He came across to me as a bit superficial which was a turn off. Last weekend friends asked me out to a Bar & I was thinking that this guy (Geoff) might be there as he had mentioned he sometimes went there. We wolked in & went straight to the bar & low & behold there was Geoff, I was surprised to see him but sort of had the feeling he would be there. I said hello, he didnt recognise me, I told him who I was & we chatted for a few minutes & then went with my friends to other side of the bar/club telling him that we'd chat again later on. I chatted & danced with my friends etc he came over to me a few times & when he was leaving he said he was going to take me out on a date, I said ok & to get in touch via Fbook so we could make plans. We had a wonderful time, we were very comfortable with each other & conversation was easy. I lost my son 9yrs ago, he was 5yo & was hit by a truck whilst on his bike he cautiously bought this up as hed seen something about it on FB (was my sons anniversary 7th January) he said that his Nephew 10yo had died the same way 9yrs ago in a suburb near mine. I was blown away, how strange that after 3yrs just chatting on line every now & then would find each other & that we'd been through the same trauma? Unfortunatel I dont feel attracted to him only platonically at the moment. He asked to see me again, I said that I would like to Im hoping that the attraction will grow? He seems pretty smitten & Ticks most of the boxes. Geoff 10 March 65

    Now I was trying to read the cards for myself "Relationship Potential" spread for Geoff & me & Jake & me.





    1. Is He the Guy for Me?

    2. Is commitment possible with this person?

    3. Influences standing in the way?

    4. Influences in favour?

    5. What the querant can do to be ready for this person to be in their life?

    6. What does thas person need to do to be part of the querants life?

    7. Will the querant be happy with this person in her life for the long term?

    Cards for Geoff:

    1. Heirophant

    2. 3 Cups

    3. The Lovers

    4. Page Pentacles

    5. Knight of Pentacles

    6. 5 Swords

    7. 10 Wands & 4 Cups

    Cards for Jake:

    1. King Cups

    2. The sun

    3. 4 Swords

    4. 4 Cups

    5. Hermit

    6. Chariot

    7. Queen Swords & 9 Cups

    If you would, can you please give me your opinion on these? My Head is saying I should give Geoff a go but my heart is saying Jake.

    I havent been too focussed on Jake recently Ive been keeping very busy & having fun, but had some quiet time hense.

    Thanyou Astra

    Love & blessings


    ps. you mentioned in your last reading that I would receive news very soon was this the contact Geoff made to prior to us meeting out of the blue?

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