For Blmoon- Last Hope

  • I was recomended by a friend who has talked to you before and she said that you were able to give her some peace and maybe you could do the same for me. I don't know what else to do about my situation and I just haven't been myself.

    I dated a scorpo man (11/6/1988) for about a year before he all the sudden ended things. He hurt me very badly because he used me for money towards the end of our relationship and than just left. I had believed in so much with him and I know he cared about me at one point but something just happened one day. He turned cold and mean towards me. Because I cared so much I helped him financially in hope that was what was going on with him. When I would ask if I did something he would say no but that he was going threw things. He than just stoped talking to me. Its going on 7 months since I have last been with him and I am going crazy. He's always told me how much I meant to him and i'll admit I started to see his insecurities and trust issues come out the more we got close but I am so confused as why he used those and turned agansit me. Theres nothing I did to deserve it. When I say it was like a switch in a day from him it's because it was. One day he was in love with me and I could feel it. I know what I was getting from him and his vibe but than the next day it was like he cut that love off. He stopped it from growing and turned into another person I didn't know. He's never used me before the money thing so I only helped him out of a caring heart.

    My birthday is 1/21/1990. My problem is I cant get over him. I've tried everything and I dont know why my heart wont let go. Usually by now im over people but with him I just cant. He is always with me. Everything I do I feel like I emotionally envolve him. Ive been used and hurt and lied to by many people in my past but no one has affected me like this. No one. I either wish he would come back for me or that he would leave my entire soul for good. I feel stuck in between every day. Am I crazy to feeel like this? Most of the time I have hope and its driving me crazy. I dont open up very much and my friend thought you could help on maybe what happened between us. I felt his love for me I just dont understand what happened or why. I dont know what else to do so I hope you can give me something. My emotions mix everything up and I can't see the bigger picture.

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