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  • HI folks,

    I read on the tarot.com facebook post that this full moon it is a good idea to harness the energy and get started on new ideas and plans, that the timing is very favourable for this. Considering I have a few plans going round my head, I was wondering if any of you have anything to say or advise on this subject.

    Thanks a mill,


  • Hey Paddi 🙂

    I keep getting that the time is ripe for all of our hard work to pay off, BUT that we need to be patient and not rush ahead too quickly. Feeling hurried or rushed is the ego. It is time for us to take action - and that may involve an initial leap of faith for most of us - but take one step at a time as guided by our inner voice and not by our fear. This is the key. Also paying attention to our bodies and making sure we are getting enough rest, water, etc. is more important than ever. I think the higher vibrations are making us more sensitive to our environment.

    I'm not on the forum so much anymore, but popped on and saw your post...blessings to you!!



  • I wrote down my resentments on a piece of paper and my dreams on another piece of paper and burned them under the full moon. I have been told that when you do this it is releasing it to the universe to work on. I've done it once before and I had good luck with it. So, tonight, I decided to do it again. I think I might have to start doing this during every full moon. :0)

  • I will defenetly have to do that AB .next time .

  • i usually sit under the full moon or if it is not possible because of the weather etc.. I stare at it from a window and firstly protect myself, (visually imagining white light surrounding myself)

    then absorb its energy by imagining its power recharging every cell in my body,

    next I ask for what I want to achieve whether it be between now and the the next moon cycle's full moon or long term and also here you can ask for family and friends, for good health, protection etc... I try to not ask for more than three things.

    I do this by asking, seeing (imagining) and feeling what it would feel like to achieve it, then the important bit is releasing it to the moon and try to forget about it, hanging on to it will not let the universe/moon/God whatever be able to manifest it. Just believe it will be taken care of and there is no need to worry about it now, it has been heard and is being taken care of, worrying about will only delay its outcome or dissolve it completely. (What AB said about the piece of paper exercise is a method that could slot in here lovely, another idea, plant something to see it grow, as the plant grows so do your desire)

    I then release what is no longer needed in my life to the pure white light of the moon to dissolve and cleanse it. (What AB said about the piece of paper exercise could fit here lovely, or another idea bury the piece of paper, so in your mind its dead, buried and out of your life)

    Lastly before breaking the connection I give thanks and count all my blessing and what I have to be thankful for.

    Where I am in Wales UK, the Full moon is tonight, hope this info helps.

    Good luck and best wishes

    Love and Light LL

  • Hi Watergirl, nice to hear from you and thanks for your input, my new plan is indeed the big leap of faith need I say more you already know what it is.

    Aunt Buck I like that idea, I am always afraid I will set off the fire alarm lol tonight I will stand in the garden.

    LeoLou I am in Europe too so we have the full moon too tonight.

    As for being overly sensitive, well I went in to my girls' school this orning and it was buzzing, and then I went in again after lunch and it was as if the mood had changed, all the teachers were snapping, it was as if they had received some bad news over lunch. i was really down for a while until I identified the source, silly me, will remember to protect myself in the future. And will hear tomorrow at the Parent Association meeting (I am treasurer) what is going on.


  • What great ideas LL. I'll have to do that next time myself. I was with friends so it is kind of hard to get centered. I was told that even if you can't see the moon, the fact that it is there is sufficient. We had a lot of fog last night so eventually I saw it but not at the time. I like the bury a piece of paper thing too. I might try that during fire season! bahahaha.... It's winter here so it would be hard to plant something but next spring I will do that. I let go of my resentments and fears first so that I could create room for the hopes/desires/dreams. Do you think it matters?

    Paddi - I've always done it outdoors. Last night we were just on a patio in a huge apartment complex. Luckily my friend has a metal patio table so we could just lay them on the table to burn. I did this before with the people who attuned me to Reiki and we used an urn of sorts to burn it in.

  • Hey Paddi - Yes, my dear, time to start taking action steps 🙂 You are being supported so just trust. And the school thing...I have been getting DAILY (sometimes multiple times a day) to both clear and shield my energy. I think this is going to be something we all need to be vigilant about this year...

  • Hi Paddi -- Haven't seen ya for a bit -- Hope you and your's are well!

    I always feel the pull of the full moon and whenever it begins to really glow I awaken before dawn. Saturday & Sunday night it drew me outside. I sat and let it fill me with every breath and it made me feel blessed, happier and lighter. It was beautiful last night! The full moon does make me more sensitive and the Cancer moon really 'messes' with me. : ) Its like you said about the teachers snapping --- one moment I'm snapping and the next crying, sort of like PMS. : D

    That aside, its honoring the cycle of nature and yourself. I try to bring closure to something during the full moon and begin something prior to a new moon. I do think it helpful that a letting go or releasing occurs during a full moon and doing nothing but mulling over plans during the days the moon is void. A few people I know do exactly what has been already suggested: burn the old stuff during a full moon and write down the next intentions for the new moon. Give thanks for what has been and set your sights on what will be.

    Hope your meeting went well!

    Happy New Year to everyone else ---- Say good-bye to 2011 with THIS Full Moon!

  • Hi Laie4, I have been in Ireland and I have not been on that other forum for ages. Greetings to you too!

    OK my husband is tut tutting but I am off now to do the burning thing.I told my 5 year old about making wishes to the full moon and she sat gazing out the window whispering" dear moon I really want snow, lots of snow". So sweet. My 7 year old always wishes for a dog.


  • Hi everyone, did you all try and connect with the full moon?

    I felt very tearful and sensitive just before I did it and while doing it I felt quite powerful then afterwards I felt stronger in myself, cleansed and I had more energy.

    Aunt Buck - I think Laie4 has the right idea of using the Full moon to release and the New moon to begin something, so as for letting go of resentments and fears first so that you could create room for the hopes/desires/dreams, makes more sense in that order, your right. It is great we can bounce ideas from each other and learn from one and other.

    Love and Light LL

  • Hi Paddi --- Thats wonderful news that you went home! Hope the visit went well and the journey was easy. Awww, that'st so sweet about the little ones .... snow & a pup, i can guess on which one you'd approve of first, lol! its great that you fill them with wonderment and they can let their imaginations roam free. Let hubby tsk-tsk, you know whats right for you. : > )

    Hi LeoLou --- Clouds rolled in and cleared a bit, just enough to cradle the moon gently and take on a pinkish hue. It was a bit colder also but I couldn't resist being out and taking it all in. I felt as you did afterwards --- strengthened and energized. It feels good after a long day. (or a long month, lol!) I agree, thats the best part about this forum having someone to bounce ideas off of and learn things. People close to me don't share an interest in this stuff.

    Hope everyone had a great night!

    ~ Laie

  • They say with every Full and New Moon we will be getting Light Code down loads in our bodies, I felt discomfort and pain last nite but not too bad. 🙂

  • I just felt so much better after doing this and think I will continue doing it. Thanks for the New Moon idea Laie...maybe since I did both on the full moon, the new moon will be just an "affirmation" of the first. However, you were saying not to focus on the wishes otherwise you will mess with it and I didn't think about that. I love this forum for ideas. I have learned so much new stuff in the two years I've been here. So many wise people.....

  • I did both as well, the full moon has so much energy and power, I too like the idea that we affirm our wishes at the new moon. I am not a moon child so I do not feel the pull so strongly, but my second and third daughters were conceived on a moon cycle when my cycle jumped out of rhythm and they are very restless at full moon.


  • Cancer the crab here....ruled by the moon! :0)

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