Desperate help with a spread

  • Happy new year to all you lovely peeps x

    My son is starting back to work tomorrow after the festive season and is concerned that he will lose his job for reasons too long winded to mention on here.

    What spread do you suggest I do that will hopefully give him some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak?

    Thank you in anticipation, from a desperate mother xxx

  • Anyone? Pretty please

  • Hey Yummy

    I am not sure of a spread - I drew three cards out of curiosity and drew

    Six of Pentacles - Eight of Swords - ACE of Cups

    Eight swords in the middle is his worrying which is not based in reality.

    Does he have someone in his life? If not he is about to.

    And that ACE Cups will take his mind off of his job situation.

    The six Pentacles is a good card of material things working well, maybe not a lot but enough. Hierophant says all is cool and he shouldn't fret...

    except... this Ace of Cups... hmm...

    I think the only thing he needs to be concerned about is WHO ever this Ace of Cups is?

    And The WORLD - your son has absolutely NOTHING to be concerned about!

    ...except... this ACE of CUPS...

    she may keep him up a lot at night...

    not worrying about his job though...

    other things...

    The Fool.

    love and light,


  • actually I started with three cards... and others showed up...

  • Thank you again Astra. Thankfully, all worked out OK with his job and YES, he does have someone in his life. He met her whilst we were vacating in Beirut over the festive period. She's from and living in the Lebanon and he plans to return to visit her end of this month. He's based in Abu Dhabi so flight not too long but am concerned that they both possess different religions - she's a Muslim and he's a Catholic so obviously am a little anxious about this as their cultures are world's apart. Btw he's British. I so hope neither of them gets hurt but already they are inseparable via 'phone calls and Internet.

    We shall see.........

    Have a wonderful day Astra

    YB xx

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