Hello, i'm new here :)

  • thought i'd just say hello to everyone and am looking forward to talking to some people.

    my name's jo, i'm in UK, 29, sagittarius. i'm interested in astrology and tarot mainly. have had a very rough time of it during my life, sure i'm not the only one, but am now happily settled with a lovely guy and 2 gorgeous kids.

    when i was younger i dabbled a little but was brought up as a christian and although i've practiced this for quite a few years i don't know if it's really for me any more. i've always been drawn to spiritual things and am now feeling that, although there may not be an actual God, there has to be something out there!

    i do like my tarot and am tentatively starting to get into this, have my first deck, mostly just looking at it though!

    anyway, thanks for reading 🙂

  • Hi there, welcome on your journey!


  • Hello and Welcome

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