Would like a Reading. Exchange too.

  • Hello,

    I'm EL, and I was wondering if someone could give me a reading. Of course, I'm willing to exchange a reading or also if you'd like I can give you one without the exchange.

    Anyways, I just experienced something weird today and it's got me thinking. I've never been in a romantic relationship and after today, I feel like I'll never be in one.

    I just want to know that: will I ever be in a romantic relationship?

    If so, when?

    I just want to stop thinking about it...

    Thank you and take care

  • Whether you are in a romantic relationship again depends on your own outlook and beliefs. If you believe you will find your soulmate, you are correct. If you believe you never will, you are also right. The decision is yours. Changes are in store for you in 2012, if you can embrace them and be open to new ideas. I can tell you more if you can give me your birth date. Good luck, and best wishes! You may read for me as well if you like, just tell me what you need to know to read.

  • Seems like a period of inner healing may be necessary before you meet your romantic interest. You can manifest the relationship whenever you like.There is an older,dynamic ,impulsive figure,very masculine and attractive, and there is a dreamy,sensitive,lighthearted younger one.Emotional balance is something you have to work on yourself.The future holds the uncovering of a secret. You are intuitive and find many answers by using your powerful intuition.

    This was based on a quick tarot reading Hope it helps.never say Never!


  • Junemoon,

    Thank you for your kind words. I'll only need your question for the tarot reading.

    My birthday is November 6,1988.

    Well, it's not that i don't want to be on a relationship, it's that I doubt it. Finding someone that can understand me has been rather hard. But I guess my problem is that I isolated myself too much. Hopefully, I can take those opportunities you say without fear... or laziness! XD

    Thank you!


    Than you for that. I'm more than happy to give you a tarot reading if you like.

    You're right. I do need some balance in my life and to heal. All my past friends and even my family complain about me being emotionally unavailable or insensitive. They often think I don't care, but I'm so easily heartbroken by people that I rather not let anyone in. Hah haa... Maybe this should be my New Years resolution. To heal myself.

    Thank you

  • Dear El

    thanks for the feedback. That explains why i got hermit reversed for you yesterday.Today I asked how others see you and I got King cups reversed. Which means most people do know how sensitive you are and how caring you can be. If there is anyone who is trying to emotionally blackmail you, the cards suggest you should face them defiantly. Things are likely to work out in your favour in case of any such confrontation. Maybe you are so focussed on your work, that you might be shutting out people, but still you are admired for the way you approach projects and situations.have you considered getting in touch with nature or developing your more sensual/art loving side?(empress)You have a strong creative streak that perhaps your present course of study or work is not adequately expressing? Once comfortable with yourself, your strong sensual self ,you will attract a suitable person.I also get the need to tread gently with some folks ,someone maybe who needs your nurturing.Maybe you are uncomfortable with some people because you are an empath and sensitive to vibes.I think your intution about people is usually right. But still some space can be made for some people.

    This is absolutely a speculative reading, but i identify with your need to keep some people at a distance:)Its not easy being sensitive.Hope it has nbeen of some help.

    You can read whatever you can pick up for me. Thanks v much...and only when you have time

    Much Love and Light

  • Thank you again Suramya!

    You are truly kind!

    Your reading...

    I asked a general question of "How does the future look for Suramya?"

    Card One Represents the Background of the Situation: Gibbous Moon in Earth


    This card may have to do a lot with work or home life. A project has been worked on for some time is at it's finishing stages. There is a lot of excitement and more encouragement to finish. Perhaps, there is also a bit of OCD or perfectionist attitude towards the project. It has to be perfect or it's not done.

    Card Two shows the Influence of the Goddess:


    Kali here shows that there may be an all or nothing attitude. It's about sticking to what you want and getting what you want. Even so, this card shows that in doing so you're going to have to pay the appropriate price. It's not only other people that will be affected by your choices but yourself as well. And it may not be a good outcome as there may be even more problems that will arise. December is an important month associated with Kali.

    Card Three Represents the Background of the Situation:


    There are a lot clashing views here. Who's ideas are outmoded? There are going to be a lot of flare ups and perhaps even competition between you and others.

    Card Four Represents Events that have Happened in the Past: Full Moon in Fire


    Finally, some appreciation! Here this card shows that others finally saw the good that you do. Your performance and actions brought you to the spotlight. October 12-16 may have been important dates.

    Card Five Represents the Present:


    There have been great connections made of late. You may have also been a social butterfly, but all in all, it's been helping you along with what you're trying to accomplish.

    Card Six Represent the Future: First Quarter Moon in Fire


    There may be time in future that you will feel restless. Things will most likely be almost at a balance, but that's not your ideal work environment. You'll probably try to start new projects and will try to get others to do the same. I get a feeling that it may be "anything you can do I can do better." March 15-March17 may be important dates

    Card Seven Represents your Feelings in the Matter: Balsamic Moon in Earth


    All things considered you may feel like you have nothing under your control. Or are things not looking the way you want? There's a feeling to try and get others to agree with you in order to make get them to your liking.

    Card Eight Represents the Thoughts of Other People: Gibbous Moon in Fire


    People see that you have strong passion for your work. When you want something done, you get it done. They really don't want to stand in your way, but are willing to encourage you. Though you may not need it so much.

    Card Nine are the Possible obstacles and opportunities you may encounter:


    Are you a visionary/day-dreamer? Here I see so many hopes and visions that are going through your head. They all seem to have so much potential and all are absolutely possible to achieve. Realistically it may not be so. Though you will have an opportunity to maybe fulfill a long time wish of yours there is still a possibility you haven't seen. That is perhaps the problems that will come with it.

    Card Ten Represents the Outcome: Black Moon in Air


    This card has to do a lot with the Goddess Kali. Though you may have her blessing to continue on your path to success, she never neglected to tell you that there will be a lot of bad things happening or perhaps even some turmoil. It won't be a matter of bad luck, but a matter of your own actions. With an air card I see that it has to do with your way of thinking. Are you letting your thoughts get ahead of you? You're probably to ahead of your time for your workplace or home.


    So the future from where I stand looks to be problematic. Are you stubborn and willful? It may cause a lot of problems. The good thing about the reading is that I see a lot of people standing behind you for support, the bad thing is that you might be stepping on some shoes when you step back. Consider everyone before you start, for they may not be as fast or as sharp as you.

    When I did your reading for some reason I got the image of a small black spider on a white, tall open window waiting for the wind to carry it off.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    About my reading...

    Sometimes, I wonder how people see me, as I'm scared they might be judging me, but it's nice to know that it's not so bad.

    Emotional blackmail? I kind of went through something like that in these past months. It was more like manipulation, but the man was a womanizer of the worst kind and I was lucky to see it the moment he opened his mouth. I'm just mad at myself that I can't tell him off the way I would like. I just hope that he finally realizes that I want nothing to do with him. Though you would expect a person to realize that after you coldly give him one worded sentences and ignore all of his texts, right?

    I think the Empress has to do with my career? I have been in University for two years now and I feel like I'm not progressing. I feel so out of place. Everyone tells me to do what I want, but the career I would like to pursue is an art or fashion career. Attending such Universities is so expensive, and I, nor my family, can afford it. The career I'm following right now is allowing me to attend University virtually free, so for now I just want to at least finish something. In doing so, I've slowly been drifting away from what I like because I have to focus on studying for this career rather than what I want to do.

    I've been told I'm sensitive to energies that's why I kind of got into tarot. I used to be called a "psychic vampire" by my friends because I would always drain their energies to almost at a point passing out. Those occurrences stopped happening since I got my cards (putting that energy drain to good use!), but I still get affected easily by other people. Does not like more than two people in a room!

    Thank you again Suramya for helping me.

    I wish you the best in all that you do.

  • Dear El

    i have to tell you this .last time I had pulled out a card about your studies from the doreen Virtue deck and got maya. Today again I got the same card. It is a very strong favourable indication for a formal study programme.The angels say: "Schooling,study, education help your life's purpose and personal growth at this time. The angels will guide you and help you with this process. We strongly recommend that you continue with your education". Seriously, I believe help will be forthcoming."

    About the bad guy...he was King wands...the older person I wrote about.The card that came out then for you was 7 wands,defiance and six wands, victory.And again strength. again I asked just now ;got 2 messages: one ,to avoid temptation and self destructive patterns(with this guy)-devil reversed. And yet again six wands. You shall overcome. An overall balancing act will help...you will manage.

  • And Thanks a lot for such a detailed reading.I need to let it sink in a bit.Lot to ponder there. cant think why the spider image...if after a couple of days something strikes me ,will let you know. You are right about the project(my phd), but it is nowhere near completion:( Hope your reading comes true!

    If you ever feel an energy imbalance spend time in nature esp with trees. Look upto the light, and share the sunshine with the tree ...it shopuld be mutually energising.Also dogs are great givers in the energy world. Gardening or being near plants really helps.

    Wishing you all the best

  • Thank you so, so much!

    You are an amazing person, and I hope that you get to finish your PhD without problems. I only wish I could have been of more help to you as you have been to me.

    I see now why people are so supportive of you. You've been working hard for so long! They want you to finish! Well, I see you're perserverence and it will (and has!) get you far. If you ever need another reading I'll be more than be honored to give you one. I do now so anxiously want to know how things will turn out for you.

    I won't give up on school. The message you got was very clear and I have been getting them everytime I get a reading about school. At least, now I feel like I am doing something right!

    Ugh! I knew it was him... The reason I can't give him a good tongue lashing is because I fear for my reputation. I worked for him, so I don't want him to tell people bad things about me (not that ignoring him isn't the best reputation, but I'm known more for being extremely silent than my social side). The reason he texts me so much is because he wants to commission me again. I think that's the temptation part: the money. He's willing to give me what I ask and I feel I need it. But I don't feel at ease with him. I won't let him get to me.

    Nature is a perfect balance for me. When I feel in doubt I like to walk around the wooded area of the university campus. It's always helped me especially during times of distress. They say that being by water, too, is helpful. Even to watch fish swimming is relaxing.

    Thank you Suramya.

    You deserve all the happiness and love the world has to give.

    I pray for all of it to enter your life-- now and forever.

  • Oh El thanks so much! I am glad if I have been of any help.

    When someone is as loving as you, they don't need for love to enter their life;)

    wishing you loads of love, luck and laughter!

  • Aw! You're so sweet!

    Come back and tell me how things go.

    Best of luck!

  • guess what? I bought a deck of Goddess oracle cards today. Pulled out two for you. One says : Easy does it. Do whatever you like doing: project or relationship, and do it with complete devotion.No rush. and no need to bother abt what others think.

    Second card abt near future says to take a keen interest in environmental concerns...interesting:)


  • Is the Goddess Oracle like the one that they have on this site? Even so, they must be beautiful cards.

    Suramya, you make me feel so fortunate because you still have me in your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    For now Im going to follow this career path. What I figured is that it doesn't hurt to know more than one subjects, right? I won't stop doing what I love to do.

    I wouldn't know where to start with the environment. Though sometimes I feel guilty when I have too many lights on. Maybe planting trees will help? I am very fond of trees.

    Also, I got a reading concerning love today. One in particular caught my attention.

    It was a one card reading and i got the King of Hearts

    "A King describes a man —either the person you are thinking about, a person very involved with the situation, or someone new entering your life in the near future. The King of Hearts indicates a fair-haired man with a good nature; or a man with Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) predominating in his chart. This is an affectionate, caring man. This man helps you out without much talk. His actions reveal his kindness and concern."

    I was wondering if this is the same young man you mentioned?

    Suramya you are such a wonderful person and I want to thank you for the help you have offered me these past few days. I can never and will ever be able to thank you enough.

  • I am glad to have been of any help.There are many truly gifted people on these forums who are so generous with their time, that I feel truly grateful to be here. You can always ask the Captain for advice, for example.

    I used the Doreen Virtue Goddess oracle cards.

    the tarot card I got for you today is Hermit, which suggests a period of contemplation, a temporary retreat into solitude and finding your own answers. The next person on your horizon is someone you will feel attracted to, dynamic, ace of wands.A message from the goddess deck tells you to be more receptive, because when you receive, you have more resources to give to others.Release guilt about receiving!

    Love and Light

  • Heh... It's been a while since I've been attracted to someone. I hope this time things go well with concerns to love life!

    You'll never guess what I realized I had hidden away? I have a Doreen Virtue deck too!

    I've had these cards for a few months and I've never used them before on other people. They are the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.

    I asked about you just now and I got the Freedom card. This card suggests that you may feel as if you are trapped or stuck in some place. However, this card argues that it's all about the choices that you make. If you have a loving mind-set and are willing to listen to the angels than they will more than be happy to guide you to something that you will love.

    Take care!

  • dear El

    Thanks so much.this card fits in with my current situation perfectly and also the spider waiting to fly off (me!) that you mentioned earlier. havent managed to get unstuck yet but must remember to thanks the angels!

    Wonderful meeting someone like you online:)

  • I'm glad I could do something of use for you! I, too, am glad to have met you.

    Today I got the Children card for you. Seeing as you feel trapped, my guess is that you have lost some excitement from your life? This card advises you to get in touch with your inner child. To ask what it wants, how it feels and do so accordingly. Even if it feels childish, you may be surprised at how much you enjoy finger painting, for example.

    It may also relate to your own children (or children that are dear to you), as this card shows that you should pay some extra attention to them as well.


  • Thanks Sweetie, am feeling much calmer now:)

    Yr Goddess card today suggested that you create a retreat, a sacred little place for yourself where you live,where you can connect with your spiritual/divine self.

    Love and Light

  • Thank you!

    Little spider I hope you find the right wind to carry you off to find what you need.

  • Hello! I've not read all the topic... But I completely understand your concerns... I'm a 22 years old woman (girl?), and like you, I've never been in a love relationship... I would even admit that I've never been in any kind of relationship at all... My life really sycks. As if it was not enough, I failed to have success at school.

    I'm sorry, I don't read cards. All I have is empathy and sympathy.

    Wish you the best... We're still "young". 😉

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