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  • God Flesh,

    Iam interested in obtaining your perpective. I have gotten two interpretation here to specific questions and they have guide me tremendously. I was blown away by the details of your interpretation and I would to see I can get one as detail as that.

    My question is : What the future holds for me in terms career, love and finances. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


  • sure I'd be happy to provide a free reading again as practice

    I'm moving into a new apartment at the moment so it may take some time and preparation to devote to doing the reading Purita but I will get back to you with one within a couple of days

  • This post is deleted!

  • Godflesh I know everyone is asking you but I also need help if you can give it. I need to know how my finances and family life will be in the future starting on July 16th 2009 I have my own business with my husband and need to know will we struggle or prospure in all we do in life. My kids also how will they be and husbands dad will we be with him in india this year before anything happens to him. Thanks and if you need to email me derectly please let mme know.

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