It's all falling apart

  • my 3 year relationship is falling apart and he says that from my part I am doing too little too late and he has almost no faith on us getting back together. I am however confused and hurt. Is the world telling me that I am better off. I am too attached to him

  • So, are you supposed to be his mother, servant, slave, or mistress--or all the above. lol If you are like me, you are real busy. I can see this wearing you down or out or both. The reason why you may feel so attached is because he wants so much from you. I feel he is very childlike. Does he have tantrums. Love is never all or nothing. Read 1Corinthians 13:4-8. Have a good time w/o him.

  • I agree with Dalia sometimes you dont have time for every lil thing and he should appreciate the thing that you do do if not let him go

  • Wontell,

    I don't know all the details of your situation, but he does sound very hurt. Whether this stems from expectations he had of the relationship or a specific issue, I can't say. However, he has decided to take the situation in hand. I do know he feels that something was lost, and perhaps now, through his hurt, is feeling that it can't be regained. I know it's difficult, but I'd like you to consider 'what happened'. Take a little time to look back, and state only the facts in your mind. Did you support him? Were his expectations realistic to you? Did he give when you needed it? I'd like to see you get to the point where you can make an honest assessment, and then simply ask him objectively, "What do you feel I did or didn't do, that caused you to feel this way?" Do this without expectation of getting back together with him. And most of all, LISTEN, without interrupting or defending. What you hear may well prove to be of great value.

    Understand that I'm not saying you did something wrong. I know you feel beaten up at this time, and deeply wounded. When we have the courage to look at ourselves, and to listen carefully, we open doors to the future that never existed. If it is really over, you will take your wisdom with you. Know that you have the strength to get through it and move on, if it has to be that way.



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