Cancer man confusing libra woman please help?

  • I was born sept. 25th and him july 10th

    we dated for 1 and half month then he broke up with me because the sex was too much, at least that's what he told his friend. We later talked about things and if wasn't the sex it was I apparently I don't listen to him and I lie alot. Within the past week we've been talking about getting back together but he would never do it over the phone unless I come over. Something about him making up his mind. I am impatient and do not have time for waiting, he had 3 weeks to make up his mind. Past few days we fought because he thinks i don't care about him as i proposed a fuck buddy idea only because i felt like i wasn't apart of his life anymore and i wanted to be in his life. He told me that he liked me for sex and there was only a sexual attraction between and I played along because I wasn't going to tell him I wanted more than that and how I really felt about him. the next day, he flipped shit on me saying that i don't care about him so he doesn't care about me and i lie to much. I'm like WTF? you said you liked me for sex and he said oh i was testing you -__-

    I tried talking to him about taking me back but he was like too much has happened and i can't. Tuesday we fought and he told me to fuck off because i told him he doesn't care about anyone just himself and some other things..he than told me to leave him the hell alone. I felt bad so the next day i wrote him a letter apologising and asking if I could come over so we can talk about things and have a heart to heart.

    The thing here is I love this guy, he is amazing and perfect for me or it seems so..the sex is amazing and I feel comfortable around him..I want him back..please help 😢

  • Hi colouredice! I am sorry, I don't really have any advice to offer. I was just wondering how things were going? I am a Libra also crazily in love with my cancer friend!

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