Is he cheating? 10/25/80 HELP!!!

  • He has asked me on numerous occasions to bring another woman (ones that he knows from previous relationships/sexual encounters) into our bed (sometimes while haveing sex), he leaves without saying where he is going, he has another cell phone that he doesn't know I know about, he talks to other women from his past, he lied about the cell phone, he always starts arguments, he hasn't slept in our bed in almost 12 months, & most importantly, HE REFUSES TO BE INTIMATE NOR AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS ME! Please tell me if he is cheating on me and if so does he plan on stopping?? Help me please!!!

  • My friend, Iike me your a scorpio, so use your intuition! I am not persay a professional reader so I can't answer you without a shadow of a doubt, but I will say it again, use YOUR intuition!

    Good luck!

    And remember don't make some your priority if you are only one of their options! 😉

  • Thanks for the advise endless1987. I want to, but my emotions are getting in the way. I hate to think the worst. )-:

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