DaniBo...I would love a reading from you if possible?

  • Hi DaniBo! I have read some reading that you have done for other people and I would appreciate it you could bless me with a reading. I am currently in a relationship with my bf of little over a year. I would love to know what the cards say regarding our future together. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Hey PiscesJewel 🙂 it's nice to meet you. I'll do a relationship reading, and then if you have more questions don't hesitate to ask!


    This is a very interesting card here, paired with the queen of wands. I ask you to be a little cautious here, for I may say something not all too well. Out of all the different readings that I do, more often than not I see the Three of Cups reversed come up in relationship readings when there is a third person involved. Often it is a reflection that you, the boyfriend, and that third person and may be involved in an affair or dealing with an unfaithful partner, and that partner is reflected here as the queen of wands. please, don't jump to conclusions. That is just what I see here. If that's not the case, there is someone else involved in your relationship that maybe both of you have welcomed into it. Seems like this mysterious queen of wands has been on his mind lately. Has she done something to him or to you perhaps? In any case, please I hope you don't take this card the bad way. I suggest you look into this mysterious third person.

    2. Her now - TEN OF CUPS

    You are obviously very pleased with your relationship. You see potential here to go the distance. The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, contentment and emotional fulfilment, particularly in the area of your relationships and family. It represents almost an idyllic state of peace, harmony and love where all your dreams and wishes have come true and you are delighting in your good fortune. Given it is a Ten, this card indicates attainment of this idyllic state so stop for a moment to appreciate everything that you have accomplished and be incredibly grateful for the blessings that fill your life right now. You are very happy!

    3. Past of the relationship - THE FOOL

    The Fool Tarot card is a card of potential, new beginnings and innocence. This Tarot card shows the highest potential for your life, reaching a state of renewal and new beginnings, where each day is an adventure and each moment is lived to the fullest. The Fool card represents the beginning of all creativity and a desire to accomplish new goals (or to, at least, start the process of working towards those goals). The Fool indicates that anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of. With this being said, your relationship was quite innocent or child like in the beginning with "i like you, you like me" sort of stuff. It was very care free to say the least, but it was happy from the beginning.

    4. Present of the relationship - ACE OF PENTACLES REVERSED

    Are you both experiencing some financial difficulties at the moment? pentacles always have a connection with material objects an money. This, or maybe something financial is causing some disputes between the two of you right now. Other than that, have some goals in your relationship fallen though? have you not achieved a certain level of trust or achieved something together that you thought you would already have? There is a disagreement going on here, that's for sure.

    5. Future of the relationship - NINE OF WANDS

    The Nine of Wands is like the one last test or challenge before you can reach ultimate success. You feel as if you have come to the end of your fighting powers but you have the skill and determination in reserve. You are in a position of strength and by drawing upon all of your courage and abilities, you will prevail. Once the last obstacle is overcome, you are home free. That being said, your relationship will be strong, but it needs to overcome a certain challenge that has been put in the way. Search around for this third person, try to solve your disputes, and your relationship will be as good as new. There is too much love here to be thrown away. You both will continue in a relationship, but you must overcome some things first.

    Hope I didn't dishearten you. If you have other questions let me know ASAP


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Thank you so much for this reading! The third person I feel that might be involved in our relationship is his ex-wife. It’s not about him wanting her back or anything. Its more about the way things ended with them, he is still very hurt over that. She cheated on him and had a baby with another man while they were still together. They are recently divorced, so the pain is still somewhat fresh. This is the biggest issue with our relationship, because he has a hard time trusting and is very insecure. He tends to push me away at times do to the fear of getting hurt. This is the biggest issue in our relationship. I am trying to be very patient, because I feel this relationship is worth it. Do you think this is the third person the cards are referring to? Do you feel like he will be able to move on and completely open his heart to me?

  • This does make sense. Thanks for the extra info, PJ. I do really see now how the queen of wands can tie into this. It must be her. I don't think you have to worry then. She just seems to be meddling with his thoughts a lot because he's got a lot to worry about right now.

    Will he be able to move on and completely open his heart to you? - ACE OF CUPS!!!

    Definitely he will be able to! No doubt about that. The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, happiness and compassion. It can indicate the start of a new relationship, be it a friendship or a romance. This is one of those relationships where you feel butterflies in your stomach and you are so pleased to have met someone with whom you can share a special connection. The water in the card reflects the flow of emotion and thus the Ace of Cups suggests that positive emotion and energy will be created between two people in a way that leaves you feeling good about yourself and life in general. You need to experience the feeling of new love or of giving and receiving unconditional love. Give and accept love on a new level and open your heart to what is around you. Your loving ways will magnetise love to you. Love is the central theme of this card. There is not doubt about it that when the time is right, he will love you and open up as much as he can to you!

  • Hi Im new on this forum....Not sure where Im supposed to insert this but Id like a reading as well! Where do I do it???Thanks

  • Hey there! 🙂 go on the front page, and it says "new thread" and there you can post your question!

  • ok...thanks!!

  • Thanks so much DaniBo! This definitely clarifies things for me. I knew that I wasn't wasting my time by being with him and this reading confirms that. I just have to learn to be more patient, something that I'm not great at, lol. I was hoping you could bless me with another reading regarding my career. I have been thinking about opening my own business for a few years now. However, been very reluctant to take the first step and making it happen. What do you see regarding that? Would it be a wise move to make?

  • Hey there 🙂 I'm just going to pull a few cards to get the general idea of you opening this business.


    Judgment reversed serves as a reminder that in every decision that you face, you have at least some element of control. While you may not be able to control the initial events that happen to you, it is important to remember that what is within your control is how you react to these events, and what you create and build out of them. So, while you may be feeling as though you are at the mercy of other people’s judgement, remember that you, too, can choose your own destiny and respond in a way that serves your own higher needs. This is an important time for you to make your own decisions, based on your own judgement of the situation. Do not let others push you around or dictate what should happen to you! This begin said, I think that this a decision that you can only make, and no one else can influence you. I think you have already come to a decision about this question.

    The Page of Cups reversed represents someone who is immature or has emotional troubles. It can depict a person who is escaping through drugs or alcohol, or someone who is running away from reality and living in their own world. This is a person who is emotionally insecure and unable to conduct healthy relationships as he expects too much and gives too little. He is lacking in self-love and self-acceptance, and may be emotionally abusive. This person has rampant and unfocused emotions, and may therefore get his or her feelings hurt without reason. He is suspicious, self-doubting, insincere, selfish and easily depressed. This may be someone you know or even a reflection of your shadow self. Do you see yourself this way? or do you see your new business turning you into this person? Maybe something else to think about.

    The Four of Pentacles generates both positive and negative perceptions. On the one hand, this card signifies that you have accomplished many of your goals and have attained great material wealth in the process. However, on the other hand, there is a risk that you will come to value only material wealth, thus becoming possessive and/or greedy in ensuring that no-one else takes away your wealth. The Four of Pentacles indicates that you are in a position where you are financially stable and secure with solid investments. You are very conservative about money and are not inclined to gamble in financial matters. You are very protective of what you have accumulated over time, and slowly and steadily you increase your net worth through saving money and safe investments. You are self-sufficient both financially and emotionally, as you often equate money with emotional security. This business may bring the financial stability you have been searching for. This is a good sign here.

    The Knight of Pentacles reversed can also suggest there are practical matters in your life that you have chosen to ignore recently. Mundane activities such as home upkeep, money matters, business relationships, and moving forward in your career have been left by the wayside as you focus on more exciting or important opportunities. Depending on what is on your plate currently, you may want to make more time to get your life in order, or you may continue to focus on more pressing or important priorities. Focus now on what's ahead of you in the moment. This business may be too far ahead in the future to worry about now when you have other things on your plate.

    I think this is a YES for your business, but you need to take care of other things before you can start on this project 🙂

  • DanBo...Thanks for the reading! Sorry it took me so long to respond, its been a stressful week so far. I just quit my job today, had enough! However, I dont have a back up job. Do you see me finding something soon? Thanks!

  • Sorry for the late response as well 🙂

    Will you find a new job soon? - STRENGTH REVERSED, THE STAR.

    Seems like maybe you've lost a little bit of energy from your last job. Did it suck some of the fun out of you? However, the star is a great card. There is a wonderful job ahead of you! keep your eyes open!

  • Hi DaniBo... I just had a big blow out with my boyfriend last weekend and we are now broken up. In your reading you did for us, you did say we have a few issues to work out, but the outcome would be a positive one. Is that what’s happening now? Or do you see it as really being over? Thanks!!!

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