*PLS READING*Old Friend ..New FLAME? Reading Please.

  • An old acquaintance (not much more than that) has resurfaced in my life, I’ve decided to give him a shot and get to know each other a little better.

    Things seems to be going well so far…Can someone give us a reading please?

    Thank you for any input!!

    His dob is 6/16/76

    Mine is 6/19/72


  • Together the two of you can feel like slaying dragons or achieving epic feats. Your friend's aspiring outlook and your ability to work magic can syngergistically combine in a relationship that can bring projects to fruition that might ordinarily be out of reach. Of course, you two can also attempt things that are just plain unrealistic or overly optimistic. Love and marriage here will likely come second to your shared struggle to achieve your goals. You Reflection1 must be induced to be motivated here, for your basic tendency in such a relationship is to give yourself to romance and the security of a home base. Your friend then must be able to prove to you what is at stake and how it can be achieved. Should the two of you fail in your goals, you Reflection1 may grow to dislike and ultimately reject the relationship's values. You both share common fears of poverty, or being cheated or taken advantage of financially and emotionally, and may turn these fears on each other. This relationship is usually most difficult for love matters. Friendship fares better here, with easygoing attitudes and fewer pressures. Your friend will usually go off and do his own thing here without trying to involve you so much. The large-scale projects and expansive outlooks of friends here may be more spectatorial or appreciative in kind - collecting the complete works of a rock band or author, for instance, or attending a season's worth of sporting events together. But it's unlikely that your friend's success drive or your need for security will be entirely satisfied in a love relationship here.

  • Thank you for your insight Captain, quite disappointing. Do you see any other love prospects in my future, marraige, children perhaps? Thank you again, your abilities and insight is truely amazing,

  • Reflection, whether you find love or not is not in the stars or cards - it's entirely up to YOU! All you have to do to attract love is to work on the issues that are preventing it from coming to you. What I feel you really want is not so much a person, but a place where you can feel safe, accepted, loved, and secure enough to be yourself. You are looking for a partner to provide that for you but you really must and can provide it for yourself. When you are doing the things you love and fulfilling your purpose of understanding yourself and using your electric energies to excite and inspire everyone with whom you come into contact, you will find the inner security and confidence you seek and will feel safe in whatever life situation you find yourself.

    You are not especially suited to family life as your desire to escape the mundane is strong as is your career drive. You may struggle for evenness and normality in matters of the heart because of your emotional oscillation. The best partner for you is probably an earth sign or someone quite stable and quiet and dependable who has their own agenda but can still be your appreciative audience, whilst at the same time grounding you in reality. But the temptation for you - with your high excitable energy - will always be to leave what you are doing and move on to the next person or project. You have to learn to regulate and control your rather manic energies and emotional excesses as you are not known as a calming influence but rather a stimulating one, and after a while this can be quite tiring for other people. You can be quite full-on and overpowering at times. So learning to tone yourself down for the sake of others will ironically enliven your romantic life. The very thing you most want - excitement - is just the opposite of what you need - peace and quiet. As you have such a hard time knowing what is best for you, a circle of good supportive friends or family members is vital to keep you from going over the edge. Meditation, exercise, and relaxation techniques will all help you earth those restless, electric energies of yours.

    The key to your love life and your life in general will be your ability to distinguish fact from fantasy (by slowing down and taking more time to consider a situation or person) and to control your escapist side. Do not allow your dark, depressive side to gain the upper hand or else substance abuse, daredevil antics, or martyring yourself to a cause can be the dangerous result. You may only just be learning to pass beyond the power struggles that can emerge in your relationships. If your passive-aggressive tendencies haven't yet found a balance, you can experience subtle or not-so-subtle control issues as well as issues of dependence and independence in love matters. You also can bring emotional over-sensitivity and self-doubt to relationships. Still, your career or lifework will always be the centre of your world, so it helps if you find a self-sufficient flexible partner who understands this dedication from the outset and who can occupy himself while you are working.

    So if you have a clearer idea of what issues you need to work on and the type of partner you should look for, improving your love life should become an easier and less frustrating task.

    Good luck to you and blessings!

  • Thank you as always Captain, praying I can sort out my own issues and things fall into place soon.

  • That's all it's about for any of us.

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