What's Your Food Craving?

  • angel hugs

    Captain, thank you.

    It is true, I do have a fear of allowing myself to feel emotions or have anone get close to me.


  • Lovetolearn, how do you like your pasta served?

    Pasta, plain: Wanting comfort and reassurance.

    Affirmation: " I fill my entire being with loving thoughts."

    Pasta, with Alfredo or extra cheese: Discouraged and wounded. Desire for empathy. Guilt or self-blame is blocking the receipt of good.

    Affirmation: "I graciously accept good into my life, knowing that I deserve pleasure, support and love."

    Pasta, with marinara: Resentment is causing distress.

    Affirmation: "I let go of all blame and focus on solutions."

    Pasta, with meat or fish: Wanting comfort and renewed energy.

    Affirmation: "My true source of energy comes from following my heart and inner guide."

    Pasta, with pesto: Wanting escape and excitement. Dreaming of time off or a vacation.

    Affirmation: "I decide to give myself a break and schedule some free time into my day."

    Pasta, with pine nuts: Feeling time pressures and resentment. Wanting more fun.

    Affirmation: "Today I look for moments of pleasure, fun, and enjoyment. I give myself the gift of laughter."

    Potato or corn chips: You feel stressed. angry, or anxious, and you want to ease your worry. No light at the end of the tunnel. (With sour cream) Also a desire for validation. Longing for fun.

    Affirmation: " I am willing to trust that everything works out for the best. I let go of feeling responsible for everything and everyone around me."

  • Oh my, how on earth did the lady come up with all these explanations? It must have taken years of research!

    Oh and I watched my eating habits over the last week and I need my salty crisp fix at least once a day.


  • I like pasta with marinara sauce and I also like pasta salads with pine nuts.

    I sometimes do feel resentment and I do want to laugh and have fun. I feel like I am never going to have the excitement that I so desire, so I keep it inside of me.

    Thank you Captain, for sharing this, it is very interesting. Happy New Year to you!

  • Paddifluff, Doreen Virtue worked with drug addicts for many eyars and noticed that the drug cravings they had were split into different personality types in every case. Like, heroin addicts behaved in a different way to marijuana addicts who were different again to ecstacy users. It started her on the track to food cravings as she began to notice a similar correlation in the food her patients and friends and family craved - that their moods reflected their nutritional choices.

    It's certainly a fascinating insight into ourselves.

  • Lovetolearn, understanding why we do what we do, and what we really are feeling is the first big step to healing our lives and being truly happy.

  • This is so true...Captain....It takes such a gifted person, to have the knowledge to do the things that we do in order to be happy in the things that we truley don't understand!!...This makes alot of since...but I don't get the meaning. Can you please interpedid?

  • The meaning of what, Lovetolearn?

  • Marmite and cheese

  • Scully

    Cheese: Braced for the worst, and feeling exhausted and drained. A desire for comfort and renewal. Thoughts centred in fear or worst-case scenario. Weariness.

    Affirmation: "My source of energy shines brightly within me. I replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of love."

    Marmite/Vegemite: Tension. Anxious about reaching goals and depressed about the future. Feeling weak.

    Affirmation: "I trust my inner voice and follow its wisdom and direction to find my strength."

  • So Sorry Captain....I am not making myself clear these days.....Since the full moon and work...and just adjusting getting back from all the holidays, I shouldn't have posted at all. But, I wanted to thank you anyways for your thoughtfulness! Wishing you a Great New Year! Thanks Again!

  • To everyone - you might want to ask yourself how much your present eating style is influenced by your childhood. Maybe for example you had many siblings with whom you competed for food and learnt to wolf down whatever you could get your hands on or hoarded food until you were alone and safe? I realised by reading Doreen's book that my tendency to eat very fast stems from wanting to get away from the dinner table quickly when I was young as my always angry and frustrated father made eating times a nightmare.