What's Your Food Craving?

  • What does it say about marshmallows?

    I was just at the grocery store and saw some toasted coconut marshmallows and barely made it to the car before I just HAD to have one...or five. Ate them all the way home.

    Sooo good.

  • My food cravings depends on my mood. That said i do not deny myself anything, i eat drink it in MO DE RA TION ..............n thats the key so it doesn´t turn into a binge eating with bad conscious later on.

    Right now, I would not mind a few delicious FRESH made sushi bites, taco shells with my fresh made ground beef stew, spicy to a degree, sprinkled with cheese, or a bowl of hot spicy thai soup. With my head cold i´ll settle for a cuppa peppermint tea LOL

    tomorrow it may be a different matter. so what does it say about me? for the past days ive settled for ryebread with lowfat free spreads. on side cherry tomatoes.

  • Rynna, Doreen doesn't list marshmallows on their own but she does mention RockyRoad which is marshmallow, chocolate, and nuts (yum, I used to crave this in both candy and icecream at one stage) -

    RockyRoad - Resentment towards others and self. Feeling used or pressured, and desiring fun and comfort. Depression.

    Affirmation - "I give and receive forgiveness, and my heart softens with love. This love then ensures that all my needs are met."

  • CharmedWitchBente, craving bread in general means frustration, feeling like your progress is being thwarted, desiring escape.

    Affirmation:" I move towards my goals with trust and steady effort."

    Soft fruits (tomato) - Fear. Overattention to everyone else's needs, and not enough attention to your own has depleted your body's vitamins and minerals.

    Affirmation - "I am important and deserve love. When i am healthy and happy, everyone benefits."

  • Doreen doesn't mention tea, but she does mention some very common beverages -

    Coffee: Energy drain from engaging in activities that are meaningless or intimidating for you. Burnout, resentment or disappointment with your job.

    Affirmation: "I center my thoughts on the true source of energy, truth, and guidance deep inside me."

    Cola, regular: You are trying to stay energized and motivated. and you are combating inner stress.

    Affirmation: "When i follow my inner voice, all my needs are supplied."

    Cola, diet: A desire to stay full and energized. Also, a wish for exciting romantic feelings.

    Affirmation: "Love fills me through and through."

  • the fruit i can agree to lol but ryebread is not a cracving per se, its an option bc i oftern do not eat what ive cooked, or its too late to cook warm meals, so ryebread is an option not craving lol. its rare i crave ryebread hahahaahahah but somehow it fits.

    although i must say all this ain´t all behind cravings either. its a clue but not the whole.


  • RockyRoad - Resentment towards others and self. Feeling used or pressured, and desiring fun and comfort. Depression.

    Affirmation - "I give and receive forgiveness, and my heart softens with love. This love then ensures that all my needs are met."

    ~~That's probably really close. My car broke a few weeks ago and it is irritating to have to bum a ride whenever I need to go somewhere. Doubly so when I admit it was my own fault for not fixing the minor problem that became a major breakdown.

    Thanks again.

  • I wouldn't really say i have all time cravings, every now and then.

    I can leave chocolate, but occasionally i really have a crave,, i just put that down to low sugar, maybe time month?

    Fizzy drinks i do at time, is that cause of the drink, again low sugar?

    I do like a short bread biscuit with a cuppa or cocco?

  • Craving chocolate in general means feeling unloved and lonely, Scully. Fizzy drinks are about feeling stressed and tired. You may indeed have low sugar levels, but then again why? Something is causing it and Doreen Virtue says the physical symtoms are caused by the emotional conflict inside you. We try to fill our inner 'hole' with outer food but it only has a temporary effect. A permanent effect is achieved by facing the issues that are bothering us, and food cravings are a big clue as to what is going on inside us.

  • Just making it clear that we are not talking about the things you like to eat when you feel hungry - but that overwhelming need to eat a certain food that takes us over and demands we satisfy it (even when you feel quite full).

  • So true about coffee and chocolate(cocoa powder) and tomatoes and bread/cake. all applies;(

    But glad to see am not alone here.Anything about craving sweet things or sugar in general?

    thanks Captain!

  • Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue both see sugar addiction in the same way - to replace the lack of 'sweetness' we feel in our lives. That's why Louise says that illnesses like diabetes are 'a longing for what might have been, a great need to control, deep sorrow, no sweetness left."

    Affirmation: "This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the aweetness of today."

  • Hi Captain, is there anything about sushi craving ? I am quite addicted to sushi (maybe not so much recently), but it seems like quite a healthy food to me. Also sea food.

  • VoplySoply,

    Sushi: Tired of monotony; bored.

    Affirmation:"I follow my joy and create a new life for myself."

    How do you like your seafood - baked/boiled/deep-fried/raw/ buttered/spicy, Cajun,Thai/with french fries or rice or pasta/with white sauce? They all have slightly diferent meanings.

  • I like it just raw, or boiled, depends on the kind of sea food. As natural as possible. I was thinking maybe there is some element, like iodine missing in my organism, but tired of monotony makes sense as well.

  • angel hugs in your favourite fragrance

    I do not hava a single food craving.

    I have to remind myself to eat.

    Sweets at times are tooooo sweet.

    Sour / vingery react in my stomach, sometimes to a burning feeling.

    Spicy foods I avoid as they also have a burning sensation in my stomach.

    My body has gone into what is called the "hunter-surviver" mode, and every little bit I ate was converted to fat.

    A year ago, through therapy, I now know as a child there was not enough food and it was rashioned,

    Since my stomache has shrunk, I have to start eating larger portions and more freakenly.

    I am now able to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables without an allergic reaction.

    May each of you have a good weekend


    loving silver wings

  • VoplySoply

    Fish/shellfish, broiled: Energy drain from stress.

    Affirmation: "I take time out to reflect and recharge myself."

    Fish/shellfish, raw: Wanting escape and a new perspective.

    Affirmation: "I look at my life from all angles, and my creativity is released."

  • Thank you Captain, that makes sense. 🙂

  • Lovingsilverwings, Louise Hay says that loss of appetite is related to fear, protecting onself and not trusting life. It relates to not wanting to experience any emotion too deeply for fear of being hurt and disappointed.

    Affirmation: "I love and approve of myself. I am safe. Life is safe and joyous."

  • Hello Captain,

    This is a interesting read, I don't know if pasta is on the list, but I have been eating this lately and today, I wanted a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. Can you tell me what this means? Thank you, I love reading your blogs.