What's Your Food Craving?

  • Do you crave chocolate, bread, cheese, fries or other foods, beyond your normal hunger or simple energy replenishment? Have you tried every diet, pill or powder know to man to slim down, without success? There is more information about food and nutrition today than ever before, yet many of us are getting steadily fatter.

    There is a reason why at times your food cravings seem to overtake and control you, beyond your understanding or willpower. It's no accident that you crave a particular food at a particular moment. Your appetite perfectly matches your emotions. You overeat to give yourself peace of mind, not physical fullness. What is needed is to heal your body using an internal approach rather than an external approach like dieting. Each food craving corresponds to a specific underlying emotion, so once you understand the meaning behind your particular weakness and apply courage and awareness to heal it, you will also be able to heal your cycle of emotional overeating.

    According to Doreen Virtue's book called "Constant Craving" that I am reading (I am quoting here from the book), she believes that overwhelming food cravings are the culprit behind every obese body, every broken diet, and every dietary-related disease. If we can stop our food cravings, our unhealthy eating habits will disappear. Whereas having a normal, healthy appetite with moderate eating habits is pleasurable, obsessive food cravings are annoying, incessant and invasive. Cravings interfere with our freedom to choose between eating, and abstaining from, food. They control us, and nobody enjoys being controlled.

    Deep down we all know that the cause of cravings is not any physical hunger, rather it stems from our emotional issues. Our cravings are usually a desire to feel better RIGHT NOW. Four particular emotions are behind it all - fear, anger, tension, and shame (the acronym ironically being FATS) with fear being to root cause of the others. We feel anger because we fear losing love in the form of something or someone valuable to us; we feel tension because we are afraid of trusting or because we've walked away from our divine path; we feel shame because we fear we are inadequate. These FATS feelings are the primary trigger for emotional overeating (and alcohol and drug abuse).

    If we resolve the real cause of our addiction, then we remove any need to dampen our intuition with substances that are only a temporary relief. Our intuition, our gut feelings, directs and guides us - it is the link between the intelligence of the universe and our human experience. This little inner 'voice' encompasses a million years of wisdom inherited from our cave-dwelling ancestors. It tells us whether or not a person is acting honourably, which career path to take, what house to buy, which person to marry, and so on. Yet we fear this amazing gift of ours and try to drown out its message to us with food or other substances. Why - because we fear that if we receive the message that something is wrong with us, WE MAY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And we fear we might fail. When our gut's instruction seems frightening -"I'm too scared to pursue the career of my dreams because I'm afraid of failing" or "I know my partner is abusive and dangerous and that there is not future there but I'm afraid of being alone or having to support myself", etc. - we try to muffle its volume by pouring food or alcohol down into our gut. Often we are not ready to face the truth about our conflicting feelings and beliefs. But how many times have you ignored your gut feelings and ended up in trouble? When you listen to your intuition, you will always be rewarded with peace of mind.

    So we need awareness, courage, and determination to face our fears - rather than diets or abstinence - to reach our normal weight and achieve a healthy eating lifestyle. But what are your particular fears and issues? State your particular craving here in this thread and I will look up Doreen Virtue's list of foods in her book to tell you what emotion is really behind it and also include an affirmation to help with healing. Often simply knowing the reason behind the craving begins the healing process. Be specific about your craving - don't just say chocolate, say 'Snickers bars' or white chocolate with nuts or whatever; or whether you prefer soft or crisp French Fries, etc. - there really is a difference, apparently.

  • Well this is interesting I know how to eat healthy but it feels like work to do it. I believe I read in one of the threads that excess weight is a way of hiding. I am still trying to process that piece of information.

    I like Nuts if there are any around... but I prefer cookies Crispy butter type shortbread or vanilla sandwich cookies Does it say anything about the time of day that the constant snacking begins

  • Abetterplace:

    NUTS - Tension. Too much stress and not enough fun - anxiety and lowered peace of mind.

    Affirmation - "It's OK for me to relax and play. I give myself permission to have fun."

    COOKIES/Shortbread or butter - Procrastination. A desire for peace of mind and comfort.

    Affirmation: "All my cares are melting away, and my heart is now filled with love."

    Well, I've only just started reading the book so I will let you know if Doreen mentions the time of day as being significant.

  • Excess weight IS a way of hiding - from the truth. We overeat for the temporary 'peace of mind' buzz so that we don't have to face up to and deal with our problems behind the eating.

  • This is so interesting! The things I crave are usually spicy, not that they're necessarily 'BAD' for you...but anything in excess cannot be good, I'm sure.

    Before I lost the weight I definitely felt like I was hiding, and protecting myself. I felt secure in knowing that no one was interested in me anyway so I just didn't try.

    I'm still working on my physical self, but I am no where near what I used to be and I defnitely STILL battle late night eating, that's for sure. It's a day to day process. But I've kept the weight off for just about 4 years now.

  • AriesMama, spicy foods in general indicate a desire to escape, wanting a vacation or some exciting activity. Also a need for attention and validation. Tension.

  • WOW just WOW

    That is definitely me. I am stressed and almost "driven" It is kind of like I feel out of control or fear loss of control so want and need to control everything I can. That is actually a fairly new happening and I think in part because I'm afraid of making bad decisions. Of course that doesn't work so I get tense

    All that brings me to procrastination looking for love and butter cookies.

    I'm going to work with the affirmations and some meditation and see if I can get myself back on course. I have been off track way too long.

    What a great thing for you AriesMama. Keep up the good work.

  • I went to a Take Off Pounds Sensibly meeting this week...joined actually and to the two of us that were new they asked what our craving foods were. All of them were amazed and looking at me like I was kind of crazy because it isn't what other people crave. I have been from the time I can remember, a dill pickle freak. I can sit down and eat a jar in no time flat. As a matter of fact, as I was reading this, I was eating a bowl of pickles. When I go by people's recycling bins in the street on pick up day I see a lot of wine bottles and booze bottles but mine bin is almost always filled with pickle jars. Lately...I have also craved a lot of chili sauce. I put chili sauce in soup, salads, pasta, you name it, it usually has a bunch of chili sauce in it.

    I've asked my doctor before about vitamin deficiencies because I crave pickles...my mouth will actually water when I think of them and he said he didn't think there was anything behind it and since they were an almost no calorie food to enjoy, just watch out for the sodium.

    I go through phases like I think we all do...my other craving that I have is cucumbers...which isn't surprising since pickles are made out of cucumbers. So what's Doreen say about this???

    I'd love to figure it out...

  • AuntBuck

    Pickles/pickled food - A desire for energy; stressed and drained.

    Affirmation: "I take time to renew myself with deep breaths, meditation, and time spent outdoors."

    Chili - Wanting excitement and an outlet for stress.

    Affirmation: "I release my old ideas about how my life is supposed to look. My life is now changing in exciting ways, and I embrace this source ( sauce?) with joy."

    No cucumbers per se. She does have Vegetables (soft) : Fear. Overattention to everyone else's needs and not enough towards your own has depleted your body's vitamins and minerals.

    Affirmation: "I am important and deserve love. When I am healthy and happy, everyone benefits."

  • I love chocolate in any form, hot chocolate, ( I drink it nearly everyday) syrup, candy bars, cakes, however i can get it. Chocolate is my worst craving, but a close second on my list is bread, bread and more bread, dressed with butter (real), sunflower butter, plain...

  • Sunshine7959

    Bread (untoasted, soft) with butter - Frightened of making necessary changes or taking action. Procrastinating and waiting until you feel more prepared.

    Affirmation: "I trust in the Divine Creator/Universe who is sowing His plans through me. He will support me completely as i carry out His will."

    Chocolate cake - Feeling insecure, possibly due to relationship problems.

    Affirmation: "I trust that when I act in love, I am Divinely guided. I am humble and sincere in all my interactions with others."

    What type of chocolate candy do you prefer - a particular bar or something plain or with fruit, nuts, fudge, whatever? Each has a different emotion attached to it.

  • Pickles/pickled food - A desire for energy; stressed and drained.

    This is me to a tee. I always want to have energy and I never feel it. I drink tea now but occasionally will have coffee and it doesn't even give me the pick up I crave. Because I feel so lethargic at times...I am stressed and feeling tired and drained quite frequently. That's the first time I've ever heard that association so to see this fits quite perfectly.

    Chili - Wanting excitement and an outlet for stress.

    Because I am tired all the time, I do want excitement. I want to be excited about something and have the energy to do it. I really loved doing my trips out of the country and I want to do so much more of it. I've always wanted to travel and see different places. I can say that the increased additional to chili sauce has come since I was in Mexico last year. It started quite a bit after I went to Malaysia but Mexico definitely kicked it into high gear.

    The cool part is that I have walked in a wooded park close by (did so today) and it is so nice to get out and go there. I actually had thoughts of spending some money on hiking boots and getting out more and going hiking instead of just doing walks around my neighborhood. The park I went to is has paved paths but it is still in a wooded area with a stream running through it that I like to stop and admire.

    Thanks for doing this Captain...it is definitely good for opening my eyes in ways that I hadn't thought about.

    No cucumbers per se. She does have Vegetables (soft) : Fear. Overattention to everyone else's needs and not enough towards your own has depleted your body's vitamins and minerals.

    Affirmation: "I am important and deserve love. When I am healthy and happy, everyone benefits."

  • Oops...forgot about the cucumbers. Having teenagers does require I take care of other people's needs before my own. The pickles have always made me think my body is lacking something like potassium. I take high blood pressure pills and have to take a potassium supplement to counteract the depletion of potassium the pills cause. This definitely fits too...

  • If you can't tell...my reiki session really opened up some stuff and I feel am feeling more charged than I have in a long time. Anyway, does she say anything about onions? One of my favorite snacks is a cucumber onion salad with rice vinegar. :0)

  • I actually like my chocolate bars either with almonds, (almond joys or mounds bars) or plain like the Hersheys bars. Which one I eat mostly depends on which one I find first.

  • Hi Captain,

    I see that you are right on with the soft bread. If I eat toasted, is that the same meaning?

    The chocolate cake one, truthfully, I have no love relationships going on right now, but I am going through an "I feel lonely" stage, but usually get past that in a few days....

  • I forgot to add: I have been stuffing my face with brownies for the last 2 days (Lauren's birthday) and hot chocolate....

  • AB

    No onions specifically, but Vegs (crisp/hard) - Tension. Stress-filled lifestyle is depleting the body's vitamins and minerals.

    Affirmation - " I nourish my body with love and schedule time to meet my body's needs."

    Onion rings (hard or crisp) - Feeling stress from a change in your life, which makes you feel insecure.

    Affirmation - " I know that I am ready for the new challenges in my life. They make me grow stronger.'

    Onion rings (soft) - Feeling sad that you have tried so hard, yet your companions or family don't seem to appreciate you. Loneliness.

    Affirmation - "I have a private relationship with God/the Universe. He gives me divine guidance and I follow His direction."

  • Sunshine7959

    Toasted bread with butter: Feeling trapped and procrastinating about making necessary changes.

    Affirmation - " I am free to make changes and pursue my Divinely inspired dreams."

    Brownies - Tension and fear. Braced for relationship problems. Aching for love.

    Affirmation - "I release this problem to you, dear Lord. You know what I need better than I do."

    No drinks, unfortunately - that would speak volumes, especially alcohol, I would think.

  • Common theme around depleting vitamins...stress...tension. They touch on the things I have struggled with. My career change has made me feel insecure but I know that it's the right choice so I just ignore it. I think it is fairly normal to be worried about getting a job in the area that you are training for. Keep the faith...it will happen right?

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