Confused after stong composite reading

  • I recently met a girl online and we quickly developed a strong connection. Our composite reading indicated good things too (me:29/10/1971 - her 28/08/1974) She was overseas on contract work at the time. Upon returning she told me she was seeing someone but still wanted to be friends which I was ok with me. We chatted online and via phone and then met a few times. Things got very intense even though I was trying my best to hold back - contact was daily. She had to go back overseas and just before she left we were at the point of making relationships plans and openly shared our feelings for one another. Two weeks into her new contract she told me she had met up again with the man she was seeing and wanted to see if that relationship could work, but made a big issue of remaining in contact. I resisted at 1st, but then said ok as long as she could accept I wasn't going to lie about my feelings. My questions are: is this something I should purge from my life? I am struggling to let go - the connection was too strong. And am I wasting my time? Any help would be great.

  • The composite would be used if you are already in an established relationship. It’s an indication of the relationship itself and shows the energies of the couple. It is derived from midpoints and is read almost like a natal. I would be more inclined to look at your synastry which is a comparison of the 2 natal charts and would show how your individual energies interact with one another. I am studying astrology, but I could take a look at them if you’d like and let you know if I see anything?

  • That would be great if you could.

  • I will need the birth times and place of birth for each.

  • I'm afraid i don't know either of the birth times, but I'm Hornsby Australia & she's Gundagai Australia. Hope this helps.

  • Sorry it took so long. I’ve had too much going on lately and it takes some time because I’m still kind of slow at this.

    We really do need precise birth times to get an accurate reading. For instance, the moon moves approximately 13 degrees each day, so your moon could be either in Aquarius or Pisces depending on your birth time. Also since we can only use noon charts, the angles and house placements are incorrect. However, these are the first few things that popped off your chart in relation to your questions. BTW, is that a mystic rectangle I see in her chart?

    Your Suns are sextile

    There is a great deal of compatibility between the two of you. You understand and support each others needs, aspirations, approaches to life and you feel comfortable and in harmony when in each others company. The sextile means you will have to work at it a little, whereas with a trine the energy flows more easily.

    Her Moon squares His Uranus

    Her moon feels unsettled by your impulsiveness and Uranus’s instability. She has a Capricorn moon so this is going to feeling more uncomfortable for her, because although she feels drawn to you she finds it unnerving when she tries to imagine a relationship within the confines of a day to day life.

    His Moon trines Her Uranus

    You will be emotionally more impulsive and spontaneous. There is an unconventional quality to the relationship and there is a tendency for things to be shaken up every once in awhile.

    His Mars trines Her Uranus

    There is significant ***ual attraction. This will feel exciting and the energy between you two can indicate a need to shock and/or experiment with unconventional methods or behaviour.

    Uranus offers adventure and excitement in a relationship; however these are not necessarily indicators of a long term, stable relationship. Uranus can feel liberating, it makes you feel alive, but it can also throw you into chaos. The intensity is say different from Pluto in that Pluto is more transformational and/or obsessive.

    Her sun square His Saturn

    Saturn in aspect to personal planets can bind a relationship. Your Saturn can be critical of her Sun and you may not even realize you’re doing it. Saturn is the stern father, and the Sun can feel frustrated and angry and can be overly sensitive to the Saturn energy. This is a maturing aspect though if you both learn how to work with it. I believe Saturn aspects are important in maintaining a long term growth orientated relationship. Not only soft aspects, but hard aspects are also needed.

  • Hey Aquabubbles--

    I'm new on here. I posted a Sag/Pisces question, no responses yet. But I am really struggling, and would love a little guidance. If I give you the info, would you do us? I have all but his birth time.

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