A job transfer in the near future

  • Hello everyone. I am curious if there will be a transfer for me in the near future? I have put in a job watch at work hoping for something to come up in another state. If so will it be a good move? My husband worries about selling the house but I want to keep it and let my son stay here. Any insight is welcome.

    And on another note does anyone see an end to my sisters troubles in NH? Both sisters are having problems there.

    Thanks so much. God bless.

    Any news on my son Jeremy would also be welcome. dob 02/16/77

    Cathylee dob 12/08/55

  • Yes I do feel a job transfer is very likely and it will be good for the whole family - eventually. Some family members may initially baulk at the change at first but will end up happier in the new place.

    Your sisters are basically causing their own problems. When they change their doom-and-gloom outlook and victim consciousness, matters will improve.

    What news of your son did you want to hear about?

  • Hi Captain

    Happy New Year. Thanks for the reply. I am hoping my son will have a good year in the rpmance department. I know I have been asking about it for a couple of years now but hope springs eternal. He has pretty got most of his life in order except meeting a new lady. I think his ex just about destroyed whatever confidence he had. So just wondering if anyone is coming along in the near future/

  • I feel your son must deal with his trust issues before he will allow love to come to him again. He needs to work through the anger and pain that still bother him from his relationship with his ex. At the moment he has erected impenetrable barriers around his heart to prevent being hurt again. Until he drops those barriers, he won't meet Ms. Right. He has some work to do - love won't just happen unless he is prepared to let it happen. He needs to talk through and release all the pain that is still inside him.

  • That is pretty much what I was thinking. He won't talk to me about iy though and he has no close friends so I hope he does find someone to talk to eventually. Thanks for the help Captain. God Bless.

  • That's a worry about him not having any close friends. It may be why he put so much faith and hopes into his love relationship.

  • He had good friends until his breakup but he feels like no one was there for him when he needed them. He also says a lot of people knew what was going on with his ex but nobody told him. It is ver sad to see him alone all the time.

  • It's very hard to tell a friend that his wife is not a good person - your son may not have believed it if he was told.

  • I know but still if I had taken her conversations with me seriously things may have ended up different. ut that is water under the bridge. Now neither one is happy and I remain sad and frustrated over his hurt spirit.

  • No one stays miserable forever. He will eventually see the lesson of who is NOT good for him and move on to someone who is. Relationships are all about learning which type of person is best for us.

  • I guess I can only pray and hope for the best. You are so nice to make time for this conversation. I know you are a very busy lady and lots of people have question for you. I really apprciate your time.

  • You're very welcome anytime, Cathylee! 🙂

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