• Hi, I would love to get some insight on what 2012 has in hold for me. If anyone would be kind enough to do a reading. I want to know what my relationship has in store. I have been in this relationship for little over a year and its been very up and down, due to my boyfriends insecurities at times. I would also, love to know if this is the year for me to start focusing on opening my own business. My DOB March 12 1985, born at 6:55pm. My boyfriends DOB is July 10 1980. Thanks!!!!

  • This year is a time of contemplation, solitude, and revision of your life, Piscesjewel. It's a time of getting to know yourself better, for working out what you really want, and who and what makes you happy. Through reflection and self-awareness, we are apt to take steps to refine our nature. Therefore, this is a wonderful year to ask important questions like: "What is my Life Purpose? What do I want my life to be like?" 2012 can provide understanding of your inner nature, as well as development of intuitive abilities. Solitude is often needed in order to quiet the mind and get in touch with the heart of what really matters. It's a year of learning how to be alone without being lonely, of liking your own company and being your own best friend - until you have sorted yourself out and are really certain that you know what you want and how to get it.

    I think deep down you know you and your boyfriend makes better friends than lovers. The two of you can get carried away by the pursuit of pleasure - sex and love addictions are common here, and a love affair or marriage will show some trace of these tendencies. But addictions, though attractive and exciting, are also harmful. At some point you will have to look out for yourself and do what's right and healthy for you. Your partner's low self-esteem or lack of confidence especially prompts these addictions, and also by your need to be important to the point of being idolized - you may subconsciously be encouraging your BF to become dependent on you, but this can backfire as he can turn very possessive and obsessive due to a fixation with being sexually desirable. Self-deception will be dangerous this year, so face the truth. It's not a healthy or realistic relationship, and the future will only contain more of the same situation, not improvement - only deterioration. 2012 for your BF will be a time when the facts of life are clearly spelled out. This is a year of hard work and effort when he must knuckle down to the task of resolving his issues. He will not do this work as long as he has you around to lean on and distract him. With you there, he has no need to work on his fears and insecurities. It has to be a year for him of reestablishment of his self-control. In many ways, it will be a frustrating year, when considerable effort fails to produce any dramatic results. One step forward and two back may seem to be the case for him most of the time. but if he does the work on himself and doesn't skip any steps or take shortcuts, by the end of the year, he will have a lot of progress, self-understanding, and growth to show for it. You are not responsible for his insecuritites so don't feel bad if you leave him to attend to them on his own. You may be actually helping him.

  • Thanks Captain! There is a lot of passion and attraction between us, neither one of us wants to walk away from that. We have a lot in common and get along for the most part; it’s just this one issue regarding his insecurities that get in the way. I knew early on what I was getting into. He is recently divorced and his marriage ended badly due to his ex cheating. So clearly I understand why he gets this way and I feel like this is something that can heal with time. I see a future with him, but from your reading it doesn’t seem like you believe a future together is possible?

  • Unless he deals with his issues honestly and with courage and determination, his insecurities that are a problem to you now will only grow worse with time and neglect. It may be one issue but it affects your whole relationship and it has to be resolved or else...the saying 'time is a healer' is incorrect. Just leaving or ignoring something does not bring healing.

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