Met someone....

  • And I can't believe I am saying this, he is a Gemini. Not sure his exact birthday yet but early June.

    Right off the bat, there is NO way we can have a normal relationship. He travels all the time. Plus, I really don't want that. I want to focus on me and getting stuff done that needs to be done.

    We met in person last night for the first time, it was very spontaneous. We met for coffee, closed that place down and moved to a local bar across the street. We spend 3 hours talking. I do like him and want to spend time with him but truly no desire at this point to get to intense with anyone. (If anyone recalls, I had a bad breakup on Thanksgiving) He said he will let me know when he is in the area again, probably two weeks from now.

    I guess my biggest concern is this: (I use to trust my gut but last gemini really has me doubting myself) What if this guy is actually married? I am not to concerned if he is dating others, I actually expect it as I will be dating others.

    Thanks to anyone with insight.

  • Bump. 🙂

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