Dani Bo ,requesting a reading please!

  • daniBo

    I bought a deck of Goddess oracle cards toady and just did a reading for you.

    past: Something old has just been released.A time of transformation

    present: You are just getting started so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up.Also a strong healing presence of flowers and a garden.

    future: Go outside. The cards advise taking a break from being/studying indoors and going out , esp in nature for fresh air. Could also mean your dreams will manifest in May , or whatever is the season of flowers in your part of time.

    Both the present and future cards look very pleasant:)

    Enjoy your work at the university

    You are so good with tarot!

    Love and Light

  • sorry for the errors;(

  • Know you are busy but just wanted to validate that another of your readings (ace cups ist card)has come true.

    and also the health reading you gave me abt health care professional. You truly are amazing. Just wish I could trust that both these changes won't fly off the window when I wake up tommorrow. Guess in any case am feeling much better.

    Thanks v much...You truly are gifted

    love and Light

  • Danibo

    Hope you are doing great at the University. Heres a Goddess card for you today:)

    "Sekhmet:You are stronger than you think you are and your strength assures a happy outcome"


  • Hey there! It's nice to hear from you 🙂 so sorry I forgot to answer your latest posts! I'm so glad to hear that my readings for you have been accurate thus far. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

    And thanks for the card! It really hits home with me right now as i struggle to get out of vacation mode and back into study mode! haha 😉


    Dani Bo ❤

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