4 All Who has fallen 4 a man

  • Hi all

    This is for all who has fallen for a man, REGARDLESS of how it turned out. Plz do NOT use this thread to smack ém on their heads regardless of starsign n what they have done n not done to get on your bad, resentful, angry list. For now forget all that.

    I wish to debate the odd feeling, the excillerating feeling, the sexy feeling, the warm feelingm, the whoa head spins now feeling when you see a guy and from out of no where a voice says, THAT IS YOUR HUSBAND. Regardless of your own n his status.

    In my cases it´s been WHOA stop you make my head spin, OMG wow thihihihihhii really? OMG i had wow ................ awesome .................. until one get down on earth n let the rational mind go ok ill see what time brings ................

    have any of you experienced something like this, or similar to this, or actually EXACTLY this phenonemon???

    Thank you

  • It happened to me like God im going to marry this man I dislike so much...why?It was an uncontrolled feeling of something doomed to happen..it did ...and...it has been very difficult.But till today I remember that feeling of inevitability.Past karma or destiny maybe?

    Maybe our souls lessons come through working our way through relationships, and maybe our harmones combined with karmic patterns drive us to the person we have to work our lessons with?!

  • Sounds very true. To me THAt makes a whole lot of sense. We must also forget what attracts and disgust us in another being we have in ourselves. And to thatr i´ll add TO A DANG DEGREEE bc there is a LOT of peeps im revolted of which i most CERTAINLY do NOT have in my system or in me AT ALL: ........................... grain of salt GRAIN OF SALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love is beautiful, feeds the broken and mends the soul.


  • It’s exhilarating, feeling like you’re a soda bottle under pressure ready to erupt, every step you take towards that person. And it’s great when you are able to see that they also have problems containing their composure getting nervous as soon you turn a corner or look a certain way. LOL

    And it’s more beautiful even after many years to have the same effect...then you surely have a keeper. 😉


  • I had that feeling with my first love....It was surreal, I couldn't believe I was capable of having such strong feelings for a person. Everything felt 'right,' how it was supposed to be. I was crazy about him, I thought we'd be together for a long, long time.

  • @ newsl4ng

    Quote: "I'm in a relationship now and it's nice to be in a grounded place. I'm able to think clearly, I'm able to confront him about things that bother me, I don't make excuses for any bad behaviour, and it's a logically smart relationship for me to be in. When we kiss or when we're sharing a sweet moment together, I can feel our energies interwine; my heart flutters and I can't quit smiling. I still do have these strong feelings of a connection, but they're 50x more grounded, controlled and logical"

    This is because you have grown. 😉

  • To met after such crazy feelings it is like i have arrived at tha correct harbour, embraced n feel like exclaiming out loud, I HAVE COME HOME!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dead right dmick dear right. I hope mine knows the legwork i did to warn him of slanderous harressment toward his person, his reputation and his business. Im fed up with peeps taking MY credit. I wish he´d openly credit me for the finding n warning. On that group too as say i wanna especially thank bente for her hard leg work and efforts in warning me and procureing the information i needed to set a stop to this slander. i WISH he would.

    I want recognition i guess, i want the ho´s to know he knoew non of em did squat. I pray he recalls the timeline of warnings. Mine IS the first. Non else gave info of whom it was and more importantly WHO instigated the whole mess.

    is that too much to ask from one you love when you know he loves u back?

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