Cancer ex is so confusing please help?

  • I am at a point where im ready to give up..over the past two weeks he has changed his mind about being with me sooooooo many times..We dated for a month and half then he broke up with me because I was too sensitive and because I don't listen to him. Following thursday we had sex and showered together..i slept over.

    the wee after that we fought then got back on good terms..then we fought and new years he asked me f I could come over so he can make up his mind about being with me, I said sure..then i brought up **** buddies idea and he said sure and that he only liked me for sex anyways so i went along with it because i wasnt going to give him satisfication that i wanted more. something came up and I couldn't go to his house..that day he flipped on me and told me that i didnt care about him so he didn't care about me and that he was testing me about the whole I like you for sex..then he told me to leave him alone..we fought constantly yesterday and he said leave me the hell alone..and that's where we are now..idk what the heck to do anymore..i wrote him a letter apologising about every thing and asking if we can talk about it all in person as i will sleepover at his house so we can this a good idea? what's gonna happening? please help

  • Cancer men ARE confusing. And I'm so sorry to tell you, but you never should have brought up the idea of being "**** buddies" with him. While that might work on an Aquarius man, for any Cancer, it's not a good idea as they tend to be mostly interested in committed relationships. You said you weren't going to "give him satisfaction" that you wanted more, and that worked much more than you could imagine, and he was probably very hurt, so he just said the same thing back. I feel that he really wanted you to confess that you did want more, and now he's withdrawn into his Cancerian shell now that you haven't. Give him a few days to miss you, because he most likely will. Then, write him a romantic letter, or bake him cookies (the way to all Cancer men's hearts is through their stomachs). Tell him the truth--that you were and are interested in a real relationship with him. Try anything romantic to pull him out of his shell. Do first give him a few days, though. Good luck and best wishes!

  • Junemoon26 - I have had my own dealings with a cancer man over the past month....totally pursued me, always contacting me, blah, blah, blah...then once we had sx communication stopped! I did try and eventually ended up talking with him and once again we ended up together and the story repeated itself....I was persistent in keeping some sort of contact with him without being "clingy " or "needy" and then a week later he asked to come over. He did and spent the night. We were up until 4 a.m. talking and being together physically. Once he left in the morning (this past Monday), nothing. Later that day I questioned him and his response was that he enjoyed my company and the sx is great but he just needs to be sure in his head and heart. There is more to this story which real brief is we met online and he continued to log onto the site numerous times a day which drove me crazy. I had deleted my profile and created a false profile to see if he was still logging on which is how I found out he was. Anyway, my response to his head and heart comment was how can you be sure of anything if you aren't giving one person a chance and continuing to see if the grass is greener somewhere else?!! Haven't heard from him since. Although, I had "friend" requested him last week on another site which he didn't accept until 2 days ago....not sure what that may mean? Not sure how I will feel if he does contact me again either? I am Taurus, May 13 and he is Cancer, July 1

  • Taureangurl, you need to give him time, and yourself while you're at it to reflect. Don't log into the site every 5 seconds like he does. Walk away from the computer for a little while and do something like go for a walk on a nature trail, or around your neighborhood. To be honest, to me he sounds like he's overly self-interested, and has an overly idealized view of how love should be. You, on the other hand, are trusting and do not hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings, and have a more realistic view. Give him time to come around, and maybe contact him once more by phone or e-mail (if you can, I'd avoid that site, I have a bad feeling about it). If he doesn't get in touch, you can only feel sorry for him, because with the path he's on, he will never end up finding what he's looking for, and will end up only hurting himself and who knows how many more people while he's at it. If he's not treating you right, have the strength and self-esteem to walk away. Also, I see you meeting someone new in late February through a friend. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thanks Junemoon26. Thank you so much for your input, and I hope your right about the possibility of meeting someone in February! I'm not desperate for a relationship, but I would like to have someone special in my life. I think everyone does!

  • Junemoon26

    im going through the same except, he cursed me out and refuses to tell me why he broke up with me and why he's being an asshole..I reacted badly and to him to go kill being a libra, when it's just too much I blow i miss him sooooooo much I love want him back 😢

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