Question about love?

  • If anyone can see the answers I need help. Someone is on my mind. Am I on their mind? Will he reach out to me soon? Is it all in my head. If so I can move on easier but I wish I knew. Just knowing is enough. How does he feel?

  • More information is needed - like a photo of the pair of you or your birthdates.

  • Mine is feb. 25 1983. His is jan. 22, 1980

  • Well, you are waiting for this guy to take the lead and approach you because you tend to drift and dream rather than take action. But he is likely only to see you as a friend because you have not shown him anything to make him think otherwise. People like him need concrete practical proof of someone's affection. And you may back off if he did actually approach you because he can come on too strong for your liking, though you would appreciate the attention and secretly admire his forceful attitude. This man can be too rough and insensitive to your delicate emotional feelings, to the point where you will feel like running away. Then he would feel unappreciated and rejected, then angry and depressed if you did so. This is not the most compatible of love matches and in fact works best as a friendship.

  • Well that pretty much sums it up. I haven't shown anything really

    I was just feeling confused. I admire him and he would spontaneously seem to flirt with me. I didn't think I was giving any signals to begin with. I did enjoy the attention because I haven't gotten that overt attention in awhile. It was just weird. Oh I asked you about 2011 and you were pretty accurate about that. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. Happy 2012!

  • Happy 2012 to you, too!

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