How to get to really know my virgo man

  • I have just met a virgo man (2weeks ago), and have just spend the last 5 days together. We had a really good time, we both felt comfprtable with each other and we both seemed very open and honest to each other. Lots of cuddles, laughs and talks. He told me that he liked me and that worried him due to his last relationship. He is away working 2mths and back 1mth. He'll be leaving in one day and I am worried that he might drift away.... since he'll be away for so long after we have just met. When he told me that he liked me he said straight away that this could be a problem. I know he is very, busy getting organised for his flight , but he hasn't called me. And that makes me question his feelings and what he had told me. I am an independant person and not clingy, but I would like to hear from him to make me more feel more secure about him liking me. I know it's only early days, but it would help... am I being impatient? Do I just wait for him to contact me, do I give him some time and contact him at a later stage? I don't want to push him but I don't want him to forget me either.... 😞

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