Very sad

  • Hi there was a death and i feels sad. How long will this hurt. Will it get any easier.I am not going to say who died. But this person was the second most important in my life,ever. The first for many moons. The second after my son. Pretty broken. Any words of wisdom can help. Please help

  • Im so sorry for your loss , i wish i knew what words to say to heal your pain , all i can say is my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time ,. Talk to the persons photo , as i know in my heart that they can hear us from the other side . I do it all the time and it makes me feel better .

    ((((hugs 2 u )))))) Loap

  • Thanks 🙂

  • LMG.

    I hope you are bearing up ok .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thanks still grieving terribly

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that he (or she) is not gone from your life they have gone from their body,

    As Loap suggests, talk to their picture. Once you can work though your pain you will be attuned to their presence in your life. Memories of past happenings, answers to questions that seem to com from within but you know it is what they have said.

    When will the grieving time....once you really work through it .

    I also find that it is easier now that i have some concept of what I really believe about life, death and the here after That i have been reading about for years and it is just now really jelling.

    Lots of love and healing light, APB

  • Hugs to you limegreenhat, how long ago did your loved one pass?


  • Jan 1

    Thanks you

    I do hear her. I feel that she is leading me towards nicer women friends,

    I feel that I am ending some relationships with women that were not that good. I still hurt a lot. Walking around in a daze. I am starting my grief support group wends day can't wait for that.,other then that, I don't care about dating or working... I don't really do that much but heal an feel

    That's all, I feel sad, cry and heal and I walk...haven't really worked out..haven't been. Eating so much. Loosing a little weight. I was thin all my life now I. Am dancer thin, it's ok she used to say I looked like a ballerina! I miss her a lot. My mom

  • It will take time limegreenhat and know one but your heart will know. But know that you have a lot of caring and support here. Your mom will always be with you in your heart soul & mind. and it is ok to cry when the need overtakes you it is they way the body & mind heals,

    But remember that your mom would want you to dance again - and she will be there when it is your time to cross over

    love light & laughter so you can heal and remember the good thing that you did with your mom

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